June 30, 2012

We are PREGNANT!!!!

It's official!!! The blood test confirmed that we are pregnant! I went in this morning at 8:30 for my blood test and ran errands with my hubby to keep busy till they called us.

My HCG level was 120. They said anything over a 5 is pregnant. We are hoping for healthy and happy twins! I'd love a boy and a girl however whatever God gives us we'll take!!! Either way it's a blessing!

Truth Moment: I have a confession, I cheated. I took a home pregnancy test Monday evening and it was negative. I was only 4dpt (dpt= days past transfer). At that point the embryos were 9 days old, remember by the date of our transfer they were already 5 days old. I didn't panic b/c I figured it was too early plus I didn't use my fmu (first morning urine, which is said to be the most potent). So I waited till Wednesday morning when I was 6dpt (embryos were 11 days old) to test again and it was a very faint positive but the second line was still visible! I wailed up with tears and ran in there to wake up my husband. I was holding the test in my hand and I said "It's possssssssssssssitiveeeee" through a lot of tears.

He jumped up, focused his eyes and put it under the light and he said "I knew it"!!!!! We hugged and I cried and cried. I just kept looking at it like OMG NEVER in my life have I had a positive pregnancy test!!! I took another test Friday morning (8dpt- w/ 13day old embryos) w/ my fmu and again it was positive but the line was much darker.

I still NEEDED to hear it from my doctor just to make sure it was totally real !!! We received the call at 11:14am it was confirmed!!! WE WERE PREGNANT!!! We called our parents first and they both just sobbed!!

I go back to the dr on Monday morning to make sure the levels have increased. Once that is confirmed we will wait for our first sono which will be about a month out! So we are OVER THE MOON EXCITED, BLESSED AND HAPPY!!!

I know my mom is in heaven dancing around with joy.....


  1. Congrats and happy womb reading.

  2. i can't even begin to describe how happy i am for you guys - i literally cried. i'm thrilled for you!!!