June 13, 2012

My Egg retrieval is set for Saturday!

My doctor appointment went very well this afternoon. I had my blood drawn that morning and got my numbers when I went back in at 4:00pm. My numbers rose from 1500 on Monday to 2978 today! I just can not get over these numbers! I guess that's why my doctor was not at all worried. My egg retrieval is set for this Saturday the 16th. I'm not sure of the time yet. I'll get all that info tomorrow when I go back in for am blood work and my last afternoon sono. I'm SO over going to the doctor twice a day I can not tell you! My doctor and his staff are great and all but it's time to miss each other for a while! Ha Ha Oh tomorrow I'll also get the exact time to do my trigger shot (ovidrel) which is suppose to be done 36 hours before the retrieval. That is the shot that makes sure the follicles burst to release the eggs. As for tonight I had a shot of 1 Bravelle and 5 ml Lupron. In the morning I take a shot of 1 Menopur only. I think that will be my last stim shot!!! I'm SO excited about that! Well I'll have more news to fill you guys in on tomorrow afternoon! Stay tuned!!

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