June 1, 2012

A new chapter in the making, another closing.

Today is the last day of school for my nephew. He started there last year for the summer program and then I let him remain there for Pre-school. They have been really sweet and it's a family environment which I loved. Key felt safe there and he loved his teachers and friends. I explained to him that he would not be seeing them anymore b/c school was out and he'd be attending a new school for Kindergarten. So this morning we went to the store to get a cake (which he had decorated in power-rangers), juice and flowers for his teachers as a thank you and a good-bye. It's definitely bitter-sweet but we have some changes in the making. This evening Key will go with his bio-mom for 30 days for a summer visit. She has never had him over a 4 days period besides the first two weeks of his life. I'm so nervous but I know God will watch over him. After he returns he will be going to spend the remainder of the summer with his dad (my brother). After summer concludes he will remain with his dad. My brother wants the chance to raise him and wants his son to live with him and I understand that because he has never had the chance. His life is now on track and he is settled. He has a live-in girlfriend who has a son Key's age and they are also expecting a son together in the next few months. My nephew loves his dad and I feel this is a good thing for their bond. I never want my nephew to feel that he was not wanted. So my husband and I put our own selfishness to the side to do what is in the best interest of Key. We will still have him on the weekends and extended periods of time as we did before he lived with us full-time. I will retain legal custody of him while monitoring his transition and a couple of years down the road if everything remains smooth I'll transfer custody back to my brother. I'm definitely going to miss seeing that little face everyday but hopefully soon we will have a little cousin or two for Key to play with and swoon over b/c he loves babies. Having him for a year and right after my mom passed was like therapy for me. I actually think I needed him more than he needed me. Nevertheless no matter where he is or how old he is, he will always be "aunnie's baby". Our home will always be his and if he ever needs to return our door is always open.


  1. You are so sweet to do what is best for Key. I am still praying for you guys.