June 22, 2012

Our transfer went well!

Ok so everything went well yesterday. It was a quick procedure. The embryologist came in and showed us pictures of our little embryos that were going to be transferred. They showed us the lumping and dark spots which they said were A+ because it meant the babies were already forming.

We spoke to our nurse and the doctor came in and explained exactly what they'd be doing. I changed into my gown and hopped in the chair. First he cleaned out some of the Crinone which is my progesterone vaginal gel that I take nightly. 

My doctor did a quick test run similiar to my trial transfer. Then they inserted a tube similiar to a catherer and another slender tube inside of it with the embryos and "shot" them out. The embryologist took the tube back to the lab (which was right in the nxt room).  She looked under the microscope again to make sure the embryos got out ok. That was verified and my doctor put in a progesterone pill vaginally then I was tilted on an incline for 30 minutes.

They came and got us and I was wheeled out and I've been home since 4:30 yesterday. I've been relaxing and taking it easy. No lifting, cleaning, exercising, cooking or anything. My doctor said I could catch a movie tomorrow but just continue to take it easy. I'm working from home today and will return to the office on Monday. My blood test is set for next Saturday morning at 8:30!!! If positive we'll have another test on that following Monday and if it's still positive we'll have a sono in 4 weeks.

As far as the other embryos, one stopped growing, one was ready to freeze yesterday. The other 4 are going to grow till day 7 and if they make it they will be frozen as well.  We are praying and being positive!!

Thank you all for the texts, emails and calls!!!

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