March 20, 2011

First Try at Gardening/Planting! LOL

So today was my first go at gardening/planting EVER! It was a beautiful day and Tommy and I decided to go to our new date spot Home Depot. We bought some gardening tools, waterhose, some African Daisies (deep burgandy and a deep purple), a new planter, gardening gloves for me and some planting soil.




We just wanted to do something small to start with since it was such a beautiful day. I poured myself a glass of wine and of course beer for Tommy, cranked up our Bose system and got down and dirty. I must say thoroughly enjoyed it. We have a long way to go but today was a good start. Not too overwhelming and it was fun. It's nice to do something that's all our own! I even took some before and after pictures.

It's nothing fancy yet but it's a start and it'll only get better. I'm going to add some hydranges and some lilies next and fresh ground cover all the way around. Stay tuned!




March 18, 2011

Pup or no Pup...Now that's the Question!

Tommy and I always said when we bought our first house we'd get a puppy. We both like BIG DOGS. So the more we settled in and the more we spoke in spells about getting our first pup. We both are interested in a Great Dane. Yeah I know they are big as a house but I have always had big dogs, mostly German Shepherds. I know GDs are wayyyyyyy bigger but I still want one. Small dogs are OK but I just like the safety I feel with bigger dogs, even if they are push-overs. Plus when Tommy travels it will help me feel safer without feeling like I always have to have a houseguest. Anyway so I mentioned wanting a pup to my friend the other day at brunch and she told us about Great Danes of North Texas Rescue.

So I contacted them on Tuesday and did an application for adoption online. I received a couple of emails with information and on Wednesday I got the call for a phone interview. It went well and they explained in more detail how the match-making process played out. The rep told me I'd be contacted for a home visit soon. Well soon came pretty quick and I was contacted the next day! So tomorrow at 1:00 we have our home visit and the rep actually brings their own great dane. So I'm excited and nervous b/c I'll actually have a huge dog in my home and I'm OCD. This however is a wonderful idea b/c I'll be able to get a feel of what it'll be like to have a HUGE dog in my home. We'll see how it goes! Wish us luck!

March 13, 2011

Awww So That's It...

My patio and front doors are both open...there are wonderful breezes going in and out of my house. Birds are chirping and my trees have new beautiful violet blooms. I'm listening to light chimes from my chandelier while sitting on my chaise and when I close my eyes I feel overwhelmed with joy...This is "THAT" feeling everyone was telling me about. Homeownership...I must admit it does feel really nice.