November 19, 2016

First sono (yesterday)

We have only one sac but I'll take it! Everything seems on schedule. I go back in two weeks-
December 2nd for my last appointment with my fertility doctor then I'll graduate to my regular ob. We were able to see the yolk sac but no heartbeat yet which is fine bc it's still early.
-Im so relieved and thankful! 5weeks and 5 daysπŸ’•

November 17, 2016

What a reminder

So Facebook just reminded me that on this day two years ago I was going in for my frozen transfer of my last embryo from my 2012 cycle.

It simply said "Please pray for The Hill family today as we really need positive vibes".
I knew right away what that post was for. I had so much hope. Then a mere two hours before I was set to have my transfer I received the call that my last embryo did not survive the thaw. Omg the devastation was unreal. Just a week before Thanksgiving. I thought we'd never be able to afford to do this again.

Now exactly two years later I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant. Look at GodπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

November 9, 2016

Beta #2

Beta #2 is in! It's 703!!!!!! It more than doubled! Only 20 points from tripling!!!!!
Since my betas have been great that'll be my last one-
Now straight to sonosπŸ‘πŸ½
Early sono is next Friday at 10am to check for sac (might be one or two 😱). It'll be too early for heartbeat of course . Heartbeat sono will be two weeks later-

November 7, 2016

Positive Beta!!!

Got my results from blood test today
My Beta was 241 at 13dptπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Dr wanted anything over 50!
Avery-Harper's first beta was 120!
I'm very pregnant! Ha ha
Next check is Wednesday!

November 2, 2016

When a child prays and wishes...

 At the mall last month and she saw a little girl throwing coins into this fountain. She asked me about it and I explained that she could make a wish then toss her coin and it might come true. Then this transpired. My God look at the hope on her face! I asked her what she wished for and she said for a baby sister! (tears)

 Wish made and coin tossed

Looks like her wish (and ours) came true! 8dpt with two frozen 3day old embryos
Beta is on Monday at 8:30am but I tested today, Wednesday afternoon and got a positive!!

Random Pics

my two supporters heading upstairs for another dr appointment

Progesterone patch that I have to change every 4 days

Pics of Transfer Day 10/25/16