July 8, 2013

Avery-Harper on July 4th!

My sweet girl stole the show in her holiday frock! As her god-mom said "she was twirling for the Gods honey yassssssssssssss"! ha ha

Finished Niche Pictures in the Master Bedroom

I forgot to post the "Finished" pictures for the niche remodel we did for Avery-Harper's bassinet.
Here is the initial post with all the before photos http://mylife-somethinglikeamiracle.blogspot.com/2012/11/niche-remodel-in-our-master-bedroom.html

Here are the after pictures.  It came out just as I hoped and flows effortlessly with the rest of the master. You wouldn't even know that it is a new addition.

We had the contractor build some shelves to house my knick-knacks and books. I am a book addict so the more shelving the better! To spruce them up I added grass cloth to the inside of each shelf. Gives it a more "dressed" look in my opinion.
Finished shelving to display pictures, books and trinkets

A couple of matching paintings I did especially for the niche

Faux fur rug to warm up the space and a new wall sconce (on a dimmer) to
compliment our beside lamps

The finished niche!! The bassinet is more low profile than I wanted but it went perfect with my bedroom d├ęcor! After she has outgrown it she will transition into her crib in her room. The niche space will either become a desk area or a reading nook.

Avery-Harper's Wreath

My mother-in-law made this wreath for our first baby shower which she hosted in Houston. She then brought the wreath to the hospital where it graced the door to our room. The final destination for this wreath was the front door of our home where it remained until right before Avery-Harper turned 4 months. A definite keepsake because it was made with love! Thanks Ma!