February 25, 2011

Back to working full-time!

Most of you know I left my firm last year after 10.5 years. July 31st was my last physical day there and August 31st was my last day on call. I was off 4 months before I started going hay-wire. Yes I got bored....maybe it would have been different if alllllllll my friends didn't work full-time. Or maybe it would have been different if I were a millionaire. Who knows.

So at the beginning of December I went to a placement agency on December 2ND and on December 3RD they called me to tell me they had a 10 week assignment that started on Monday. So after 4 months off I was back at work but it was only part-time which is exactly what I wanted. The schedule was Mon-Tues from 8:30-5:30 and Wednesday 8:30-12:30 then I was off the rest of the week! Now who wouldn't love that!

After 2 weeks I was getting buzz that the lady I was temping for who was on maternity leave may not come back. So they started feeling me out...you know planting seeds and I had noooooooo interest! Well turns out she didn't come back...so I'm approached strongly to go FT and I'm hesitate but then I hear about their wonderful insurance...then I see their benefits package!!! HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! I've always heard of fabulous company that had crazy benefits and low and behold that's exactly what I stumbled into. Needless to say BEFORE I knew about the benefits I told them I'd do a 30 day extension and then after that I'd determine whether I'd go FT (yes I like to play hard to get). Well now I'm TOTALLY going FT! I'm already on my husband's insurance but it's just OK but this new company well let's just say it had an unexpected gem. I don't want to speak too prematurely b/f I get more details but I think I may have hit the goldmine people!!! SCORE!

February 23, 2011

Slide Hug Huh?!

To be married to my husband is wonderful HOWEVERRRRRRRR he can go from being a uber responsible career driven brilliant man to being a 12 year old boy in 2.5 seconds. Lord! He has some major quirks...not serious ones but just silly! They always get my attention whether negative or positive!

He LOVES to cuss but of course can't in a corporate environment so when he gets home what does he do??? Yep you guessed it he curses his ass off (no pawn intended)! For instance he'll be washing the dishes and he'll sing this little ditty that he wrote himself (singing) " Babyyyyyyy why you always got make so many MOTHERF*CKING dishesssssssss. You know I hate doing all these MOTHERF*CKING dishes". Yeah just put that on repeat and run with it.

He re-tells my stories!! UGH it drives me freaking insane!! I can JUST tell a story to a group and he will re-tell it right after me! I mean not even a minute wait time in between! He says I do more of a trailer and he does more of a storyyyyyyyyyy! WTF dude it's my story no one needs you to repeat what I JUST SAID! Dork!

He's a conversation-hog!!! Watching him in a conversation is like watching that dude on the side waiting for his turn in a double-dutch competition (insert mental pic here). He's literally like jumping back and forward waiting..or should I say trying to wait his turn to speak. It's hard to watch I tell ya just painful. He cuts people off, he's long-winded...oh it's so bad. So much to the point where if we are sitting down I squeeze his knee. It's a sign, kinda like "baby shut your freaking pie-hole so people don't think you're an ass"! All said with love mind you..all said with love.

I mean I have a million of them but we'll just move on to the latest thing. The past couple of weeks he has invented this new "annoying" thing he deemed "The Slide Hug". Yeah WTF is right! He puts his crocheted slippers on (his sister made us both a pair for Xmas and there hella comfortable). So he puts on these slippers and he gets a good distance away from me and then he what....he slidessssssssssssss into me then hugs me. Doesn't sound that annoying right but try every time I freaking see this dude. We have hardwoods through-out so I have no safe place to hide. He'll sneak up on me from behind with it or he'll do it with an announcement. I could be washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, cooking, doing laundry just whatever! It doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I am he's coming for me. He does it in his pjs, in his business suit hell he's even done it in the nude! I've opened the door from the bathroom to find him waiting in the hall to slide-hug me! So if you were a fly on the wall you'd hear this at least 5 times a day "DUDE DO NOTTTTTTTTT FREAKING SLIDE HUG ME DAMMIT"! It's to the point where I erupted into laughter the other day b/c I tried to walk down the hall and he was waiting for me. He was standing to the side with his neck cocked as if he was an outlaw in the Old West. I lost it and he did too. I guess telling him I didn't like it made it more appealing...why? B/c he's 12!! So now I guess I have to start liking the slide-hug until he moves on to the next thing.

Ugh what am I going to do with this man? I digress (head down, walking off).

February 10, 2011

Crazy Times...Crazy Times

The weather in Dallas has been a total "B"!!! It's been cold and we've been having all this white stuff falling from the sky! Some call it sleet, ice and/or snow! As for me I call it a MF-ing inconvenience!!!! I was stuck in the house for like 3 days straight! Talk about your cabin fever! UGH! I'm sure it was minor for some outside of Texas but here we don't DO winter (flicking my finger-tips in the air)! If and when it occurs we shut the entire city down! I'm talking closing schools, offices the whole nine! It just doesn't work for us. Our major shut-down was last week during Superbowl week and man.....talk about embarrassing!

This was my FB post the Monday after Superbowl:
Dear Dallas,
I'm a little embarrassed. Crappy weather, ice falling on ppl, botched sound system, fans not getting into the stadium bc of tool fire marshall! I cld go on & on...in the words of Kevin Hart we just didn't look good as a unit!!!! I just don't see us getting a do-over! Ugh I digress!

It really was about the worst experience ever for Dallas! Not to mention now the hundreds of displaced fans are filing a law-suit. UGHHHHHHHHHH!

Moving on:
This week we had a snow day yesterday but it has since melted and we have nothing but clear skies ahead! I'm so thankful because this Sunday is my hubby's 35th birthday and I'm giving him a party at a bowling alley on Saturday. He REALLY loves to bowl and normally I'm a little more high-brow with his parties. Always a dinner party at a trendy spot, no kids, maybe dancing after. This year it will be family-friendly and during the day and then maybe after we will go to a club to kick it up a notch. I just can't believe the man is about to be 35!!! We met a week before his 30th birthday and now it's like slowwwwwwww down years!!! Craziness I tell ya! I'm excited for him though. I'm glad we'll have good weather and I'm sure a very good turn out. He is always so surprised at how much support we have for any and everything we do. I know he secretly loves being fussed over! I mean hell don't we all! I have a lot of little sweet surprises for him all weekend. Not to mention Valentines day is on Monday but he always plans that so I have nothing to worry about b/c he always does the sweetest things!

Well I'm off I have so many errands to run and a little girly pampering for myself! Ya know nails, mani, pedi, hair, etc...... I LOVE BEING A GIRL!