June 23, 2012

......and so only ONE remains

Received a call from my embroyologist this morning and it appears that the embryo they froze on Thursday is the only one that survived. The remaining 4 just stopped growing.

Gosh, that just threw me for a loop. My eyes immediately filled up with tears. I just went to the bathroom and cried. I never wanted to need the other remaining embryos but it was nice to think they'd be there if I did. If God-forbid this first time didn't work.

Now whether this works or not we only have ONE more chance with ONE more embryo. It's just heart-breaking to have went through all of this and then watch your chances become smaller and smaller. From 17 harvested eggs to 3 viable embryos. Wow.....

I'm sure it's just the fear talking. I know the two embryos I have inside me now, the ones my embryologist said were A++ are going to make it. One more week till we find out for sure. Unceasing prayer.

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