June 17, 2012

So uncomfortable!

Oh my goodness! Last night was brutal! My lower abdomen is extremely crampy coupled with sharp pains. I was up and down all night! I think I took 4 Bayer 500 mg yesterday, another dosage of Bayer at around 2am. This morning I ate and pulled out the Hydrocodone! I needed it badly! I probably have about 60 pills of Hydrocodone b/c I normally do not take them so that tells you just how uncomfortable I was! I'm hoping it will die down as the day progresses b/c I NEED to go to work tomorrow! Especially because I will be out at some point this week to have my embryo transfer. I literally took almost 10 pills this morning!!! Hydrocodone, blood pressure med, iron, antibotic, medrol, progesterone, prenatal and I still need to take my crinone today! Gosh I feel like some druggie! I just have to remember I'm doing this all for my baby or bab(ies)! ha ha I'm still awaiting the call from the embryologist!!! I'm very anxious for my phone to ring!!! I hope they all fertilized because I need as many on reserve as possible just incase our first fresh cycle doesn't work. So come onnnnnnnnn embryos and make me proud!

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