May 31, 2012

On to the next stage!!!!!!

Alright so yesterday I had my post op, estrogen levels tested and baseline sono. Blood was drawn for my levels and the sono went well with no cysts or any other obstructing objects. So from appearance only it seems as though the Lupron was doing it's thing. I received my estrogen levels today and I was at a 32 which my dr said was GREAT! So forward we go which means I start adding my Bravelle and Menopur shots this Saturday!!! My Lupron decreases to 5ml from 10 ml and we add the other two meds. So I take all three meds on Saturday and Sunday then I have a dr. appt at 8am on Monday to see how I'm responding. Then I take meds Tuesday and Wednesday and back to the dr on Thursday. Meds on Fri, Sat and Sunday and back to the Dr on Monday the 11th. After the check-up on the 11th my Dr. will figure out whether I'll do my egg retrieval between the 12th-14th. Once that occurs they will create the embryos (w/ a little help from my hubby) and let them bake for 3-5 days. Then I'll have the embryo transfer between the 17th-19th depending on the growth. Everything is moving so fast and I'm really excited. I can't tell you how happy I was to get the news that we were ok to proceed! I felt like I'd been holding my breath since we left the office yesterday! (Add'l Info: The menopur/bravelle combo is for 10 consecutive days. I should be finished with the Lupron around June 8th and then I'll be adding other meds as I go)

May 21, 2012

Just had my first Lupron shot! Ouch!

Anybody that knows me knows I HATE shots! Due to the unexpected surgery and the sure joy of beginning this process I didn't give much thought to the daily shots! Well when 7pm hit I called my husband and I literally started panicking a bit because I remembered I have to get a shot! The needle was small and thin but it was still a needle! I got the shot in the fatty part of my stomach a few inches from my navel and the medicine did sting a bit! Ugh having to do this daily and then add a second shot in a couple of weeks is going to suck it big time! Hopefully I'll get used to it before long. The things I have to do for this child of mine. Can't wait to meet you and tell you all about my journey just to get to you :)

May 20, 2012

Polyp removal surgery went GREAT!

Well my surgery on Friday went really well. My husband said I was in and out! Went into surgery at 12:30 and was home by 3:30. I took one pain med on Friday afternoon b/c my husband made me! However, I didn't feel any pain. I tinkled A LOT on Friday but besides that I couldn't even tell that I had surgery. Yesterday I felt wonderful! I went to lunch, shopping and hung out with my girlfriend for like 5 hours. No pain, no nothing. In the middle of the night I had slight bleeding and light cramping but I still feel great. Tomorrow evening I start my first injectable Lupron! I'm so excited! I ordered 1/2 of my meds on Friday and they were delivered on Saturday around 10am. Due to the unexpected expense of the surgery I couldn't just order $3000 worth of meds so I ordered what I needed to start and I'll order the rest in a week or so. My egg retrieval should be around June 14th according to my doctor which is less than a month away and frankly I just can't believe that! So the road to baby is in full effect, full steam ahead!

May 16, 2012

I need a wutttttt.....Hysteroscopic Polypectomy! Ugh!

So yesterday afternoon I went to my fertility doctor to get my sonohystogram (trial transfer) and lessons on my injectables etc.... The doctor was in surgery when I got there so we went through the injectable teaching first. Can you say OVERWHELMING!!! GEEZUS it's a lot to take in! My husband's eyes were going crossed and I think I blacked-out! We sat in the office for a full hour getting detail by detail!! Luckily the nurse is amazing and made us feel like there was no question too simple to ask. I LOVE her! She's awesome! After the lesson the doctor had returned and we went in to get started on the sonohystogram! As soon as he inserted that lovely wand thing-a-ma-gee-ga there it was....a freaking polyp! Not only was there a polyp but it was right in the way of where they'd want to implant the embryo! So while I'm still in shock, my doctor nonchalantly says we just have to schedule a quick SURGERY for this Friday to remove it! Gasp! Ummmmmmmmmmm what?! (SMH) Yeah so not only do I have to have an unexpected surgery on Friday but it is also going to cost me around $2500!!!!!!!! Yeah I said it $2500!!!! Oh and that's not the best part, I also have to order my meds on Friday which is another whopping $3000! Yes all in one week! I almost passed out right then and there! I was prepared for the meds of course but not for another $2500! You know being that I'm not rich and all! They have to put me under anesthesia and boy do I hate anesthesia! I just loathe the way I feel when I'm coming out of it!!! The BRIGHT side as my doctor says is when they go in to remove the polyp they are going to scrap my uterine wall which will make it super sticky the next month and that will help the embryo implant even more. My doctor said they normally do that for FET cycles, once a fresh one has failed. So getting this surgery could actually increase my chances of a successful implantation. So if there is a bright side, that was it! lol Thank God my doctor does the trial run! Surprisingly enough, I heard some doctors do not! Can you imagine finding that sucker the day of the real transfer!!!! I would have seriously had a fit! Anyway, so basically on Friday at 12:30 Central I'll be in surgery. Wish me luck guys as the journey to baby continues...

May 7, 2012

IVF here we come!!!! Next stop...Motherhood!

OMG the day has finally come!!! We are officially on our IVF journey. A journey that has been 4 years in the making! I'm going to be keeping a running diary on this special journey right here! For those who are familiar with the process I started my cycle on Saturday and I'm now on CD3. I had a dr appt at 3:45 today for my baseline sonogram and I also started my birth control this evening. My next appt is next Tuesday the 15th at 3:30 for my Sonohystogram and Trial Transfer. That's when they measure my uterus and do a "practice run" transfer. I'll be going to my fertility doc every week for about 6 weeks and hopefully at the end of it all we will be pregnant! WE ARE OVER-THE-MOON EXCITED!!! Something like a Miracle, yes indeed!