June 5, 2012

Estrogen Levels Please Don't Fail Me

I have learned a little more about these numbers today and what it all means. I may have been told before but I have so much infertility jargon in my head that it's hard to keep it straight. Not sure if educating myself was a good thing or bad. The numbers they are monitoring are my estrogen levels and those levels tell you if there are any eggs baking inside your follicle. The higher the number, the more eggs typically. My baseline (numbers for Lurpon but BEFORE I started stims) was a 32 which was good because it meant my ovaries were relaxed which is what the Lupron does. However, after 2 days of the stim meds on Saturday and Sunday I only rose to a 76 by the time of my Dr. Appt on Monday morning. They were hoping for me to be in the hundreds at least which is why they increased my meds. I hope by doing the increase for three days that my numbers will be much better. If they are not it could mean a longer stim period which pushes back everything and I could also need to order more drugs!!!! As if $3000+ wasn't enough on meds already! I'm trying not to worry about it but it's really hard b/c I'm so anxious. I just want everything to go alright. I'm going to attempt to relax and think good thoughts and just hope my numbers are where they need to be by Thursday's appointment. Need prayers please.

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