December 15, 2010

Yeah I suck all the way around!

I know I know....

I've been nesting people! Thanks for the hate messages about my tardiness though...makes me feel loved! OK first things first!

The reveal for our new home was awesome. I did it just like I stated I would.
I planned a "surprise family day" with my immediate family~ my mom, my dad, my sister and my brother. They came to our apartment and we piled into the SUV and headed on our family day. Once we hit the freeway I told them we were going house-hunting, to lunch, rock-wall climbing (to shock my mom) and bowling!! I told them we were meeting our realtor first at an open house and then we'd go from there. Yay! We took them through the neighborhood around the back so they could oooh and ahhhhhh then right into our drive-way. I told them Dori (our realtor) was inside. We walked up the steps and I gave my mom the keys. At that instant I think my dad got it but my mom....well not so much. She couldn't unlock the door b/c she was so nervous (she later told me she thought a dog was inside and we were making her open the door to scare her). So I took the keys and opened it and I said "This is our home"!!! Everyone heard that but my mom. Everyone was looking around and taking it all in and then I said "mom what do you think"??? She said this is niceeeeeeeeeeeee and I said mom this is OURSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Her eyes got all big and she was like WHAT!!!!! She had no clue and had been in the house almost 5 minutes! ha ha They all loved it and we told them deliveries would be coming through-out the day and I said you guys go with Tommy and mom and J will go with me. They were baffled b/c we only had the one car since I worked downtown directly across the street. So we took them out back where our new car was parked!! Yaaaaaaaay surprise number #2...small but relevant. So we hugged and off we went to shop all day which my mom and sister LOVED!!!! The boys went to pick up TVs, dining chairs, rugs, etc...
It was a long day and my brother and mom ended up staying the night and helping us move the kitchen that night and big things the next day! It was a great family day! Worked out just as I planned! We shared the excitement of our first home with our family. It was fabulous!

We have been here almost a month now and I've been doing some major nesting. I just love being home and just "being" in my own space! We've done a lot of painting, buying new things, lotsssssssss of home depot visits! It's been great! I love it! The whole experience is dreamy! I'm still scared to be home alone at night though....too much space and too many "house sounds" and rustling leaves! UGH! However I'm getting use to it.

This Sunday I'm actually going to be baking all morning and preparing goodies to go meet all the neighbors. I've met about 6 of them so far but I've been so busy that I haven't actually got out and did my 1950's style introduction complete with baked goods, full hair and make-up, a belted dress and heels! ha ha


December 1, 2010

Some days are better than others...

So today my cousin found out she is having a girl...
I was genuinely thrilled when I got the news today. After getting over my initial shock months ago of her surprise pregnancy, having a mini break-down and then becoming withdrawn from her a bit. We rekindled our relationship and I thought I was mentally ready to embrace it.

I knew the appt was today and I'd been excited for her all day. She called and I knew it was a girl...that was my thought all along and I was right! I was over-joyed talking to her on the phone b/c I knew she wanted a girl! She was so excited and I was excited for her. We talked and laughed basically just rejoicing that we get to shop our azzes off for a baby girl. I was all smiles and as soon as we hung up my entire mood changed. I had been at the mall that entire time and then it just hit me. My lip started to quiver, my eyes started filling up so I had to make a mad dash out of the mall to my car before I came un-glued. I made it...tried to regain my composure and then one tear fell. Good I thought, just one..I'm ok. I sucked it up...put the car in drive and I was fine...drove freely about 10 minutes and then got caught by a light. That obviously gave me too much time to think and before I knew it I was full-on sobbing. Ugh.....when will this ever end. Next April will mark the 3 years of this journey and I'm so tired. I just pray to God I'll be able to get my IVF before then. We figured it was smarter to get our house first...I'm starting to second guess that now. I just felt like getting a house was something I could control ya know. I can't really control an IVF..we could pay the 10,000 and it not work and we walk away in the same situation we started less 10,000.

Now I'm in my house and I love it but all I can think is man it's quiet here :(