February 24, 2013

It's official! I'm in HELL!

The most horrifying thing happened to me on Friday! I'm out shopping trying on new pjs to take to the hospital.  I'm looking in the mirror and I feel something strange. It kind of felt like a paper cut or scrap just something on my skin on my lower abdomen that was bothering me. So I hoist my tummy up and there staring back at me are the beginning of.....dare I say it, STRETCH MARKS!!!!!! WTF! Are you kidding me!!! One week before I'm due to deliver this child of mine I start to get stretch marks! OMG I almost fainted right there in the dressing room. I was just like Lord is this a joke?!?! I've gained no weight during this pregnancy, I've been constantly losing weight...a pound here, 1/2 a pound there and I'm at the end of the game then the ball drops! Why Lord whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I know I may be over-reacting but I was so happy that this pregnancy hadn't taken a toll on my body. I thought I was going to get away scott-free.

Now don't get me wrong they aren't horrible. They are very very very small. Almost like tiny lightning bolts, probably no bigger than your fingernail bed (for now anyways). They are red and sporadically placed at the very bottom of my abdomen. They aren't deep at all so I'm sure they will fade once her chunky butt is delivered and my body is mine again.  At least that's what I'm praying for.

February 18, 2013

Things I'll remember about this pregnancy

I can not believe I can say that I'll be a mom next week!!! The time is almost here! In a mere 10 days I will be holding my daughter in my arms! It's so surreal! I'm ready though! I'm so uncomfortable. It's hard to breathe and my back is always hurting. My pregnancy has been a good one though. This last month has been a bit much but besides that I can not complain.

Things I've experienced during my first pregnancy:
1. I was constantly tinkling!!! Not just normal tinkling but I mean "going" while I'm "going" and when I stopped "going" I'd start to "go" again!!! So crazy!
2. My lack of appetite and how quickly I became full. I mean that is one thing I wouldn't mind continuing b/c I ate WAYYYYYY more when I  wasn't pregnant!
3. My lack of energy! Geezus I think this was by far the hardest thing for me b/c I'm such a
"get-up-and-go" girl. I've never taken so many naps and been so physically spent in my life. It made me feel so unproductive and lazy. Baking a baby is harddddddddd work!
4. The pressure from a big belly!!! Just having this bowling ball sitting right on my abdomen is brutal!! I feel so heavy and huge!
5. The constant "grunting"! Every time I move or turn I'm just grunting and moaning! lol
6. I really didn't have any crazy cravings. Just my normal stuff. I craved fried catfish for like 2-3 weeks straight in the very beginning of my pregnancy. Besides that cravings have been very sporadic.
7. The nesting!!! OMG!!! I'm a natural nester but I was never to worried about her nursery b/c we did a niche remodel in our room for her bassinet. I knew she'd be there for 4-6 months at least so the nursery wasn't a priority. All of a sudden in my last trimester around the 8th month nothing mattered but the starting and completing the nursery!!!!! It was just an overhaul b/c I started buying everything! All these things that she probably won't use for a very long time. Ow vey!
8. The decision to give up my beloved Roman. I know the issue stemmed from being pregnant. Even though I was displeased with a lot of pet issues before I still managed. Then once I thought about those issues coupled with my daughter's presence in the home, it was a no brainer. I still miss him and think about him often. I still cry when I look at his pictures but I think I made the best decision for all of us.
9. I wasn't as emotional during the pregnancy as I thought I'd be. I didn't cry at sonograms or gush over baby clothes and items. I think b/c I was so afraid that something would happen that I had my guard up really until around my 8th month.
10. The constant gas! Lord I feel like I'm always belching! So unladylike! Oh and the heartburn goes hand and hand! If the old wivestale is true then this child has not only a head full of hair but a freaking afro!!
11. The EXCESSIVE hair growth!!! Not just on my head but everywhere!!! My stomach, my legs! Ugh it'a just unbelievable and it doesn't help when your husband refers to you a Chubaka!
12. The feeling of having her inside of me is amazing. I touch my tummy all day long. Seeing my tummy wave as she moves and thumps around in there is just extraordinary. I can not wait to see her face and hold her but I'll definitely miss "our time" on the inside.

All these things and I'm sure there's more that I can't remember right now but this experience has been pleasant. I was so worried about weight gain and stretch marks and I didn't have an issue with either. I've pretty much lost weight during this entire pregnancy and not a stretch mark in sight! I'm looking forward to being smaller than I was pre-pregnancy! I think with all the drugs out of my system the weight is just melting off. Oh another thing I LOVE is how people tell me "I'm all baby"!!! I really am all baby and I'm so blessed by that!!! Thank you Jesus!

February 4, 2013

It's real now...

What a difference a couple of weeks make!!!! I've been pregnant for a little over 8 months now and even though I've seen physical changes in my tummy and I feel my daughter I still had my guard up.
I was still afraid something bad would happen during my pregnancy. The whole experience was just surreal. Up until January 21st I had not purchased not one thing for my daughter, however on that date I finally ordered her crib. We had our last sono on January 24th and after that appointment when we came home we both had a different prospective. I think that day we both let our guard down and let the fear subside. It was like we had been holding breath this entire pregnancy. That day we spoke about our fears and how we now both felt confident that everything was OK. We hadn't spoke to one another before about our fears in depth. I think we both just didn't want to show our worry to the other.

So basically after that appointment it all changed. I started nesting hardcore!! I ordered her dresser and bookshelves. I just started getting everything together. I even started on my first piece for her to go over her crib.

Yesterday my hubby and I went shopping for her for the first time. We had a lot of items to exchange from all of our baby showers. So we picked out little outfits for her and we were just in the moment. It was nice...it was calm. I know this may sound funny because I'm due to give birth in 24 days but this journey to get here made me so uptight I think. We didn't announce to my family until I was 4 months pregnant and we didn't announce it to the masses until I was over 5 months. Here we are at 8 months and we've just started buying things for her and getting her nursery ready. We've basically just started breathing......and it's nice.

Since the last doctor appointment I've been going in her room everyday and night and just folding and re-folding her clothes for no reason b/c I still have to wash them. I've just been looking at her surrounding and where she'll eventually be and it's nice. I even cleaned my washer out this evening with my hubby's help and then I ran a baking soda/vinegar cycle in preparation through the washer before I washed her things. I decided to wash her crib sheet and boppy cover for starters tonight. It was so funny because I was smiling while I was putting them in the washer. It's the little things I guess---I'm just excited and yes I've been excited but it's different now. I'm about to be a MOM!!!!!