January 8, 2014

Morning Selfies

Selfies of me and my girl taken this morning. I just love taking pictures with her and of her. She just brings me so much joy. These candid moments really warm my heart when I go back and see how much she's changed in such a short time! She's growing so fast! It very bittersweet!
Mommy loves you Avery-Harper.

I just love her face

A candid pic a home last week

a crop from our holiday shoot

Holiday Photos 2013

We took our first holiday photos on November 2nd and mailed them out around December 1st! Everything was perfect. Our photographers did an amazing job. They had a set designed and it was a play on the 1950's TV style. So stinking cute. Everyone loved their holiday cards.

Avery-Harper's First Christmas

She really enjoyed Christmas. We celebrated Christmas Eve at my brother's house with our immediate family. It was super cute. Then on Christmas Day we slept in and didn't open gift till around 10:30am. Her god-mother Jocelyn and her mother "granny Annie" came over to watch her open her gifts. She didn't care about the contents, only the bows and wrapping paper. It was a precious day and we enjoyed it quietly in our home, just the three of us. It was beautiful.

Let's Play Catch-Up

I'm so behind it's embarrassing...Oh well let's play catch-up! Avery-Harper is now 10 months old and WALKING! Yes walking!!! She took her first steps when she was 9 months and then her first consistent (more than three in a row) steps on Thanksgiving Day at my brother's house! It's incredible watching her just walk around the house. She so short and it's literally the cutest thing ever! She says "dada" but we aren't  sure if it's directed at her father yet. Her first real word was "stop" and she totally uses it correctly! She still has no teeth. Not a one! We aren't worried though. Our doctor said it's no big deal until 18 months. She is into everything and all over the house. She goes from room to room on her own regardless of where we are in the house. She is very independent and quite stubborn which I know she gets that from me! Her personality is still great! She never meets a stranger and goes to any and everyone. We love her to pieces and she is quite the handful! Our tinyBIGgirl! She is small but she is FIERCE!