June 17, 2012

Thriving Embryos and Transfer Date

My embryologist called this morning and out of the 17 eggs they retrieved, 12 matured and only 8 fertilized. They will call me Tuesday to let me know how they are doing and if all 8 are still growing. I hope the Mighty 8 stay strong because that will give me at least three more tries if the first one doesn't work. My doctor only puts in two at a time so I'll have 4 chances total if they all survive. You know it was kinda funny but when the embryologist told me I only had 8 that were still going strong, I cried. I don't know if I cried because I felt like I lost 9 babies or if I'm just hormonal. I just felt afraid like everytime she calls I may have lost another one or two. This journey has been so hard and so long that the thought of it not working scares me more and more each passing day. I'm not consumed by the fear b/c I know I must trust God and my husband says "we either have faith or we have doubt, but we can't have both". However, I'm human and the thoughts do arise from time to time. My embryo transfer is set for 2:45pm on Thursday. So I will work half a day, have my surgery and work home from Friday and stay in all weekend. They want you to be pretty unactive so another weekend in the house for me! Which mean more movies! I should get my blood work to tell us if we are pregnant around July 5th which is right before my 35th birthday! What a wonderful present that will be!


  1. I just got caught up again on your progress... I'm so happy to hear that have 8 little babies right now waiting for you to be their Momma. I am praying daily for you and your hubby! You are so strong... keep your faith and know that God will be good. I'll keep up with your progression!!!

  2. Thank you so much Sherry!! ((hugs))