April 9, 2011

Let's Play Catch-Up!

I've been so busy! A lot has transpired but most important is I got a puppy and I LOVE him! My friend referred me to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. We went through the process, application, phone interview and home visit. We passed with flying colors and we were partially match with a dane-mix named Karson. I say partially b/c since he wasn't a pure-breed Great Dane we were hesitate as were they but his temperament matched our lifestyle flawlessly. We set a meeting to visit him at his foster home in Plano and it was love at first bark. We think he is a Great Dane-Boxer mix but whatever he is he is a perfect mix for us. We brought him home that day on 4/2/11 and re-named him "Roman". He's b/t 18 months-2 years according to his teeth. He was on death-row in a Palestine animal shelter. The shelter called Dane rescue and a volunteer drove 2 hours to get him. When she saw him she realized he may not be full Dane but didn't have the heart to leave him. Now I'm thanking God for that sweet sweet volunteer! Today marks a week with our pup and he is a freaking joy just like me! Everyone loves him! Even my nephew who I was nervous about b/c even though he is not Great Dane big he's still Big Dog BIG! Needless to say there was
no need to worry because they got along famously!

I've also mastered the art of getting my butt to boot camp at least 4x a week! I even went 5x last week. I'm extremely stoked that I've been able to keep my promise to myself. It is VERY hard getting up at 4:55am 3-4 times a weeks in order to make 5:30 boot camp but I've been doing it! I'm just hoping it'll pay off big!

The house is coming along fine. I finally bought my bedding so I'm fully much more settled. I planted some lilies and other flowers last Sunday so the yard is coming along. I'm just so happy being in our own place, it's very surreal!

My new job is going well. It's so weird being in a totally different field but I'm learning. I DO NOT like working full-hours again though! Ugh that part really sucks!
I'm still "technically" working for the placement company for 3 more weeks but after that I will be permanent. Once that occurs I'll pass on a little news :-)