June 4, 2012

First Post "Cocktail" Dr. Appt-

This morning hubby and I went to our first Dr. appt today to get my blood work checked to see how the "cocktail" shot is working. We got there at 8:00 and were out by 8:15 w/ just a few minutes of a wait time so it was really quick. The nurse drew my blood and said they'd call today to give me my dosage for tonight. I guess basically to let me know if anything increases, decreases or just stays the same. We also inquired about the extra drop of medicine that remained in the syringe on Saturday and Sunday. The nurse said that is normal and not to fret over it. I guess she could tell that we were worried being that we brought in last night's syringe to show her exactly what we were talking about! lol I mean it's pretty important to us since we are paying over $200 per shot! Heck that drop was about $20 or something! Oh and no I did not forget to ask about the BURNING sensation that I feel during the injection! I asked two of my girlfriends last night to get their experiences and technique. They both mentioned icing the area before the shot and to push the meds in slower. We asked the nurse her suggestions and she said that it's the Menopur that burns and that icing before and after may help some. However, it's still going to hurt so we will just continue to push through and I'll try not to cry every night. I really do think it's just my emotions and not really the pain of the shots. The nurse called at 3:00pm and my levels went from a 32 to a 76. Going in the right direction BUT not high enough. They would have liked to see me in the 100's. So my dosage was increased by one additional Bravelle. So for tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday I will be taking 4 Bravelle, 1 Menopur and 5ml Lupron. Then back to the Dr. at 8am on Thursday for blood work and then back that afternoon at 4:45 for a sono. Whoa! The nurse said the increase should do it. She also said that it is not uncommon to have to increase and decrease meds, which is why you have to go for monitoring. I'm trying hard not to get nervous. I'm just going to relax and go with it. No sense stressing over something you can not change, right?


  1. hey guuuurrrrl,
    okay okay im preggo!! still hasnt sunk in yet. i guess until we get the ultrasound. then i will pass out. this is our first ivf. and im sooo glad it worked because wow i dont know how i would of paid for it. God is Good!! okay enough about me you girl are getting this baby by the hook or crook. hugs

  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG Tanya!!! You are PG! I'm so excited for you!!! I'm so happy it went well! I can't wait to see if you got a single, double or dare I say it triple!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep me posted b/c I need to know all the details!!! ((hugs))