June 9, 2012

Saturday Morning Appointment

I had an 8:30 appointment this morning for more bloodwork and another sono. Not sure of my estrogen numbers for today but I'll ask Monday. I had about 8-9 good size follicles in my right ovary and maybe 1-2 that he could see in my left. He is still having a hard time seeing the follicles on that side for some reason. However, he is confident that there is a nice amount in there. Maybe by my Wednesday's appointment he'll be able to see them. My meds will remain split doses until Wednesday which should be my last injection day. I'll be taking 2 Bravelle and 1 Menopur in the morning and 2 Bravelle, 1 Menopur and 5ml Lupron in the evening. I have enough meds until Wednesday morning and that should be my last shot until it's time for the HCG (Ovidrel) trigger shot on Thursday. I'm still scheduled for Friday for my egg transfer. So onward we go!

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