June 11, 2012


I went to the doctor this morning to get my blood drawn before work. I asked my nurse what were Saturday's numbers b/c when I called the office no one answered. She told me the numbers were at 343! What.The.Hell. I'm taking 2 shots a day which equal (4 Bravelle, 2 Menopur and 5 ml Lurpon) with all those meds in my system I just don't understand why the numbers wouldn't be higher. Nevertheless I'm not going to spaze out or anything. I was a bit highly disappointed in the numbers but my Dr. said he looks at the sizes and quanity just as much as the E2 #s. So I went back to the Dr. at 4:45 for my sono (again I go twice b/c my Dr is in Arlington in the am and my husband and I just prefer to come back to see him instead of seeing one of the other doctors). I had my sono and this time my doctor had no problem seeing the follicles on the left side! The past three times they were not visible but he was confident that they were there! Well not only were they visible but there were more on that side than the other! SCOREEEEEEE! So in total I had about 15 follicles on both sides total! All were pretty good in size too. My Dr. wants a group (at least 3-4)to average 18 for the size. I have a 20 (yay!), 10s, lots of 16s, a few 15s etc. So he was very pleased and said we would move forward but the transfer could be Friday or Saturday now but it would be this week! We are not at risk of canceling the cycle at all! I then asked about my E2 (estrogen) results from this morning and he checked the chart and said they were at 1500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH!!!! Yes! 1500!!!! I went from 343 on Saturday to 1500 by Monday morning!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!! My husband tried to High 5 me but I made him wait b/c I wanted my Dr. to repeat the number just to make sure that I heard it correctly!!! Yes Yes Yes I heard it correctly, 1500 people!!!! I was so OVER-THE-MOON thrilled I could have cried! My Dr. also decreased my medicine: Tonight I take 2 Bravelle, 5ml Lupron (NO Menopur) Tuesday- AM/2 Bravelle, 1 Menopur & PM/2 Bravelle, 5ml Lupron (NO Menopur) Wednesday AM 2 Bravelle, NO Menopur (not sure about the nightly dosage yet) I'll find out at my Wednesday afternoon appointment what my Wednesday Night dosage will be and if I'll continue taking meds at all. I will also learn my exact egg transfer date! We are excited!!!!! Oh Thank God! God is so Awesome!


  1. I am thrilled that you are numbers are that good!!!! I'm praying for you and your hubby!!!

  2. Thank you Sherry! I still can't get on your blog :(