October 29, 2012

Did I just feel the baby!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure that I definitely felt the baby last night. I'd been feeling these movements/tinges/taps for a few days but I wasn't sure what it was exactly. My doctor said I'd feel ligament stretching and that my uterus would be moving up etc.  So basically I just chalked it up to that but it seemed like every day and night it was getting stronger.

So last night I watching "Breaking Amish" with my hubby while I was sitting at the edge of the sofa with my hands on my belly. Right then I felt it and it was slightly stronger than the previous days. It felt like "tapping" and then I felt a slight "flutter"!! I was like oh yeah that's the baby!  Then I realized I'd been feeling the baby for the last few days! I told my husband and he was like really can you feel it on the outside and I was like no not yet. I think he felt a little slighted! lol  Bless his heart! I'm looking forward to the baby getting stronger so I can really know it's him/her but for now I'll take what I can get!!

October 23, 2012

Bump Pic!

20 weeks (5 months) pregnant
October 20, 2012
I'm wearing a maternity top and pants! Lord!

October 22, 2012

Different Day Still No Energy

Wow I feel like someone slipped me a Mickey! I got up this morning when Tommy left started laundry. Next I hopped online to find new floor ppl b/c the guy I'm suppose to use has absolutely NO sense of urgency!! At 9:30 I started fixing some breakfast and I ate around 10:00. I finished my food pushed the plate to the side and immediately fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up three hours later!!!! WTH!
I planned to eat and leave the house by 10:30. I woke up a little after 1:30! No clue what happened. I vaguely remember Roman waking me up by barking at the mail man. I told him to hush and instantly fell back to sleep. Crazy!! When I finally came to I was still groggy. I guess I'm just baffled because I wasn't even tired! It just came out of nowhere. It was very weird feeling. I kind of woke up with a "where am I" type of feeling. Oh well I'll fight through it...so I thought!!

I left the house around 2:00pm bc I'd literally slept most of the damn day away! I like to be home before rush hour starts so my time is dwindling.

I went to two consignment stores looking for a wall sconce and the grocery store! Returned home by 3:45 and was totally spent! I felt like I just ran 6 miles! I was a little dizzy and just felt funny. Lord! This baby is kicking my butt!

This is really my only complaint about my pregnancy! I NEED my energy!!! I'm a do-er and this child is keeping me from doing damn near everything!!! This is utterly ridiculous really it is! I predict our party next week will be by far the worse party ever because I have no energy to get anything accomplished! Sigh~

October 19, 2012

Energy Energy Where are thou?

Ugh why do all these books and people seem to be lying to me??!! I have ONE more month left in this second trimester. The trimester that was suppose to give me such a burst of energy. Umm no! I'm still so tired that I'm an unproductive lug! Even when I wake up and I feel like I have added energy it is an illusion!
For instance yesterday I woke up, got dressed and was out the door within 45 minutes. I had a list full of things to do and I was so excited b/c I'm a do-er!! I love lists and I love checking things off those list! However that has not happened in a timely manner for me in months! As I was saying I got dressed and left the house with my list and I went to ONE place and accomplished only two tasks in that one place!!! By the time I made my transaction I was exhausted and headed home for a nap. Yep....a damn shame. The only other thing I did that day was take my dog to the park a few hours later for about 20 minutes then back home for another nap. Ugh I suck! I'm just ready to feel normal again.

Our gender reveal party is in two weeks and I've done nothing!!!! My father-in-law will be staying the weekend and my husband's nephew. I have a million things to do around the house, gather decor for the party, finish my menu, get party games together and order the cake balls, etc..... Hopefully next week will be better for me energy wise or I'm screwed!!

October 16, 2012

Bump Pics

Me in my pjs October 2nd (17 weeks, 4 days)

Me in my pjs Oct 2nd (17 weeks, 4 days)

Me trying on my first maternity bra. Around my waist is my dress that is inside out and tied! lol
My belly looks bigger when it's not covered! Geez!
October 7th (18 weeks, 2 days)

On my October 1st blog post there's another bump pic there. The very first one I ever posted :)

October 15, 2012

SAHW....Yep that's me!

SAHW= Stay at Home Wife!

September 10th was my last day at work and I definitely do not miss it! Something quite wonderful about not having the pressure of being somewhere at a certain time everyday! I've been quite busy b/c we had our anniversary/pregnancy reveal party, we were also (and are still working on our house) then went out of town a few days, then started a small remodel on our bedroom which should be completed this week. It's just been something every week, along with lunches w/ friends and old co-workers. My bestie came into town and now I'm planning our gender party reveal. So all that and now holidays are approaching, maternity pics need to be taken, babyshower planning ( I think we have three), nursery decorating etc......

I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy my pregnancy and not be stressed with work. It's nice to have time to actually stay on top of my home, art and design projects etc. 
Soon I'll be adding SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) to my title as well and that's a position I've been wanting since I married my husband and I can't wait till my first day!


October 10, 2012

First Perinatologist Appointment

OMG! Talk about nervous! Everytime I go to the dr for a prenatal check-up I'm literally on pins and needles! I was so anxious sitting in the waiting room that I started to tear up! I tell ya not being able to be in control drives me crazy. Due to the fact that I can't feel the baby yet or see/hear the baby until I go to the doctor just leaves me feeling so vunerable. I have to learn to get over that!

Everything went wonderfully at our appointment today. I had my first full-on cry during sonogram. Thank God my husband was there as always to hold my hand and calm me down. Love that man! Funny enough my very first sono at the fertility doctor I didn't cry, nor did I the second one at my OB; however at this one I was full-on bawling. I was just so relieved to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Well I'm always excited to see/hear the baby, however today maybe b/c I'm further along seemed more real!!! The Dr. said everything was measuring right on point, we saw all the chambers of the heart, the legs, nose, toes, fingers, etc.  The baby had both hands resting behind his/her head which was funny b/c that's how my nephew sleeps. The baby also had their feet crossed and we even saw him/her yawn. It was just surreal. The heart rate was in the 160's and right now the weight was about 9oz.  The doctor was able to tell the sex which was written in an envelope b/c we are not finding out till Nov 3rd! Wow it's going to be a LONG 3 weeks!!!!!

Baby Hill- 10/10/12
18 weeks, 5 days

October 9, 2012

Maternity Clothes

A couple of days before our anniversary party I made my first maternity purchase. I bought two dresses from Target. They are super cute very fitted and just the right length! I wore one to the party and there was no denying my bump. Besides that purchase I hadn't purchased anything else. I've just been wearing maxi dresses mostly. Now that it is getting colder I knew I was going to have to shop sooner than later. Now I love shopping but I wasn't too geeked-up to purchase maternity clothes. However, I think I held out long enough. My tight-fitted shirts have been rolling up like mini blinds and my pants have been rolling down! It's just pure comedy at this point!

Sunday the hubs and I had a glorious date-day. We were out from noon to about 10pm! During the time we did some maternity shopping. First stop was "Pickles and Icecream", there I purchased my first maternity bra and some maternity tights. I was exhausted after every change which was hilarious! I mean who gets winded trying on clothes! This girl that's who! LOL

We went to the mall to browse but couldn't find any maternity stores or departments but was informed that "A Pea in a Pod" was across the street so we headed there. Now that store has it together! I've never been in one so maybe it's the same everywhere but this one had a daddy section with two flat screens, magazines, refreshments, a kid play area, and a yoga studio!

When we were walking up to the storefront I was excited to see that they had the Jessica Simpson Maternity Line. I had recently watched a maternity fashion show featuring her line and it was super cute! I found a multi-colored wrap dress from her line and a BCBG Maxaria canary dress. Both can be worn with tights, boots and a blazer. Neither look like a maternity dresses which I liked. That was all we purchased on Sunday b/c I was tired of shopping (can't believe I just said that), plus more tummy cream to avoid stretch marks. The entire experience was exhausting but fun. My husband had the biggest smiles everytime I came out with something on. He's truly just over-joyed at this experience, we both are. 

My "wife" Jocelyn is coming into town Thursday and after witnessing first hand my shirt roll up my bump at record speed when I sat down, she said we are going shopping this Saturday her treat. I was like my too little shirt must have really bothered her! ha ha  Maybe I'll get some jeans this time around.

October 7, 2012

I'm a SWEET POTATO that can't stop peeing!

So I'm 18 weeks and 2 days! I believe that is 4.5 months (almost 5 months)!!! The baby is the size of a SWEET POTATO and should weigh about 6.7 oz. and about 5.6 inches long. Our next appointment is this Wednesday at 3pm with the perinatologist. They should be able to tell the sex this appointment as well but again we will NOT find out till Nov 3rd at our gender reveal party.

In other news I'm feeling well! I started walking this week at the park near my house. When I take my dog to play. I walked 3 laps around the park at a brisk pace. I wasn't too winded but it definitely got my heart rate up. It felt nice to get moving again! I'm hoping to go to the lake next week for a longer walk just to see how I feel. I used to go to this lake to run and I really do miss it. I just want to have a healthy pregnancy and I heard walking is really good for myself and the baby.

All in all everything is moving right along and I have no complaints! ....Well I do have one slight annoyance! I CAN NOT stop peeing! I literally start peeing again while I'm still peeing!!! WTH!
It is the weirdest thing! I'll go and finish and right when I'm about to get up, I start peeing again!! I don't mean a mear trickle, I mean full-out peeing as of I never went the first time. That will happen like 4-5 times during one "I gotta go session"!!!! It is the craziest thing ever! I told my girlfriend about it and she knew exactly what I was talking about which made me feel less crazy! It's always nice to have validation when you think you are losing it!

October 1, 2012

My Bump, My Bump, My Bump, My Bump..check it out!

Took this shot in my closet mirror. Still amazes me everyday. I'm awaiting the flutters, quickenings and /or movement. Should be any day now. However, for some reason I'm very nervous about the first kick (movement of any kind). Not sure why I'm nervous. I just hope I realize what I'm feeling when I feel it! Not sure how far along I was in this pic. I'll try to remember the exact date for future pics.