May 4, 2014

She knows my mom

Some moments just take your breathe away:

I was walking around the house holding Avery-Harper. I took her over to the bookshelf and I showed her my mom's picture. I don't believe I've ever done that before, however she recognized her right away. She pointed at the picture and smiled very big. She did this repeatedly. I then told her this is your granny and I asked did she know her? She smiled even bigger while bouncing in my arms. I asked her if she's seen her before? If she talks to her in her dreams? Then I asked if she wanted to give her a kiss? She smiled and then leaned in and kissed the picture without hesitation. My heart just bubbled over. I cried, I laughed then I cried some more. She gave the picture two more kisses then waved goodbye as we walked away.

This amongst many reasons is why I know there's a God.