October 20, 2010

Where has the time gone!

Time obviously got away from me so let me do a quick update-

Nothing on the fertility front. I've been getting lots of messages and questions about our timeline. It looks as though we will be waiting until next year for sure. Right now we have other things on the horizon. Starting a family is still priority but in order to relieve some stress we agreed to move it back. Tommy's schedule is crazy right now with all the growth in his company and next month he will start traveling again. It's the price we must pay due to his promotion. We are blessed beyond comprehension so we have accepted that our time-line may not be God's. I will update you guys as soon as we start back on the fertility wagon. Thanks for your concern, support and all of your wonderful stories.

In other news:

I started my second boot camp last week and guess what?! My hubby joined!! Turns out he really loved getting his azz kicked on friends/family week last month! We go to some classes together but I'm a morning chick and he prefers evenings. I also put my self on repeat registration for the next 6 months! I'm hoping to see some killer results!!

We've been on a super-tight budget but my hubby managed to get us to a Cowboys game two weeks ago and to a Rangers play-off game last Saturday. I'm a sports chick so I was thrilled!!! I love the energy of professional sports and going to games is always a treat for me. This Saturday I'm going to see Anjelah Johnson at House of Blues and to dinner with some friends. For those who do not know Anjelah- she's freaking hilarious. I was introduced to her through this clip below and I've loved her every since! I can't wait to see her live!!

This is an oldie but goodie and it'll have you yelling "SEKURITYYYYY"!!

October 11, 2010

Gladiator Games 2010

Saturday the hubs and I competed in Gladiator Games which was basically a fitness challenge event put on by my boot camp. It consisted of a 5K, exercise stations, obstacle course and other competitive events. It was super challenging but very very fun and rewarding. Oh and it just so happened that I ran my best time in the 5K! It was 36.28 and I seriously believe I could have done better but my shoes are horribleeeeeeee!! I was just hoping those bad boys wouldn't fall apart while I was running! lol So yes new shoes are on the horizon! I can't wait to do more events like this with my husband. We really enjoyed all the activities! Here's to a happier, healthier and more challenging life-style! Live Life Adventurously!