June 27, 2012


Thought I'd do a quick check-in to let you guys know where I' am and what I'm feeling so far....

where I' am: Still waiting...my blood test is still on Saturday at 8:30am.

what I'm feeling: I've been feeling really nauseous in the mornings normally after I take my am meds even though I take them with food. My breasts have been EXTREMELY sore/sensitive. So bad to where it hurts to wear a bra at all! I literally drove to work yesterday with my bra flipped over my breasts so they were just free falling on my way to work! lol  It's utterly ridiculous! However, I'm not sure if it's b/c I may be pregnant or if it's just all the hormones/meds I'm taking. 

I feel out of sorts a bit....like when I get home from work all I want to do is lie down! Now that could be b/c it's 106 freaking degrees out! Who knows right! I'm SUPER moody, and I mean SUPER MOODY!!! I'm surprised my hubby hasn't moved out yet. I'm apologizing to him everyday for something. Either for being snappy, bitchy or unaffectionate. I just really don't want to be touched right now. Luckily I'm married to the most amazing man and he's aware that I'm on meds and my hormones are unbalanced! Even though I've decreased from 15 meds daily to 6 I'm still liable to become batshitcrazy in 0.2 seconds without warning. Sigh....Bless his little heart.

Also, I've yet to cook or clean since last week. My wonderful husband has been doing that and I've been letting him! Three more days till I found out if I'M WITH CHILD (said in my southern accent lol).  So excited!

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