May 31, 2012

On to the next stage!!!!!!

Alright so yesterday I had my post op, estrogen levels tested and baseline sono. Blood was drawn for my levels and the sono went well with no cysts or any other obstructing objects. So from appearance only it seems as though the Lupron was doing it's thing. I received my estrogen levels today and I was at a 32 which my dr said was GREAT! So forward we go which means I start adding my Bravelle and Menopur shots this Saturday!!! My Lupron decreases to 5ml from 10 ml and we add the other two meds. So I take all three meds on Saturday and Sunday then I have a dr. appt at 8am on Monday to see how I'm responding. Then I take meds Tuesday and Wednesday and back to the dr on Thursday. Meds on Fri, Sat and Sunday and back to the Dr on Monday the 11th. After the check-up on the 11th my Dr. will figure out whether I'll do my egg retrieval between the 12th-14th. Once that occurs they will create the embryos (w/ a little help from my hubby) and let them bake for 3-5 days. Then I'll have the embryo transfer between the 17th-19th depending on the growth. Everything is moving so fast and I'm really excited. I can't tell you how happy I was to get the news that we were ok to proceed! I felt like I'd been holding my breath since we left the office yesterday! (Add'l Info: The menopur/bravelle combo is for 10 consecutive days. I should be finished with the Lupron around June 8th and then I'll be adding other meds as I go)

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