July 30, 2012

How many babies? One...Two or THREE!!!!

Gotcha! There's only ONE baby guys! One healthy, 178 heart-rate twitching little bean! My doctor said everything measured beautifully, the yolk sack was great, my lining, cervix, etc.....
In his words "I have graduated"!!! I am released to see my OB/GYN from now on until we are ready for another go round for baby #2!

Now my emotions were all over the place. Nothing like I expected! I was prepared for the ugly cry you know the intense sobbing uncontrollably. However, no tears. I looked at the screen and I was in shock. Dare I even say a little disppointed (I'm just being honest). I think b/c I really really really thought I was having twins so when we saw the one it's almost like I had a momentary mourning for the one that didn't make it. I was happy to see the one baby and to hear that amazing heartbeat (it was so fast) but at the same time I kind of felt a loss of the other embryo. Similiar to what I felt when the eggs that were retrieved didn't all make it and then the 8 embryos that we started with dwindled down to only 3. I kind of felt a loss each time. It's hard to explain but hey I'm emotional and hormonal!

My hubby and I went to dinner afterwards and we talked about how I was feeling and then I began to feel better. Now the excitement has kicked back in full swing!! I'm so excited and blessed to have the one I do have doing so well in my tummy. I can't wait to watch him/her grow inside of me and to finally meet this little one. It's truly a blessing!

Expected Due date: March 9, 2013


  1. I am soooooo stinking excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations to you and your hubby!!!!!!!