July 4, 2012

Pregnancy Symptoms?

Happy Fourth Everyone!!!!

My birthday is in 5 days!!! Woot! I already received the greatest gift of all by finding out I was pregnant! So anything else from here on out is just a bonus! We are going to a nice dinner on Saturday night with our good friends The McPhearsons. Just a quaint little foursome. They just had there first child in March so this will be our first time going out together in a while. I'm off till next Wednesday so I plan to sleep a lot, shop, and hang with my hubby.

The past couple of days have been mind-boggling! OK here are my symptoms:
*I've been feeling really "heavy" in my lower abdomen
*Tinges of pain here and there
*Very sore breasts
*Lower back is always killing me and it's hard for me to get comfortable in the bed
*Last night I got up to tinkle no less than 7 times!!!!!!!

I was like "are you serious" b/c isn't it waaaaaaaay too early for all of this? Are these normal symptoms for any of you ladies? I read that it was normal but I was just wondering if anyone had some personal insight.

Oh and I already look like I'm 3-4 months pregnant due to my lovely steroids! I know it's the steroids b/c my weight hasn't increased much however I can not suck my stomach in AT ALL. I know my case is a little different than most due to all the meds I had to take and are still taking but geez! This is going to be an interesting 8 months!


  1. Clearly you are an advanced being who is precociously showing early. Maybe two babies take up 12x the amount of space early on.

  2. LOL Wendy! I actually read that same exact thing. I don't know if it's that or if it's b/c I'm still on so many meds that are giving me an extra boost!! I'm basically getting "assistance" during my entire 1st trimester by the additional progesterone. I'm still on 3 different kinds that I take daily. A vaginal cream, 2 pills (1 vaginally & 1 orally) and patches!!