August 5, 2012

Pictures- First Sono, Pregnancy Tests, Embryos

The two embryos that were transferred back into me on June 21st. My doctor said that the darkness and puffiness shows that they are strong and thriving very well outside of me which is a great sign. They survived 5 days outside of my body once they were fertilized. I tell ya science is AMAZING!

Starting from the bottom: My first positive pregnancy test 6 days after my transfer. My second line was faint but it was there!!! Lots of crying that morning!! Never in my life have I had a positive pregnancy test! My second positive pregnancy test was much darker 8 days after my transfer. Then I took another pregnancy test when I was 6wks/4days while waiting on my first sono, just to make sure my levels were still there.

July 30th Our very first sono! I was 8wks and 2 days! Our first sono was originally suppose to be on July 23rd but my hubby was out of town so we pushed it back a week! God that was so hard for me to do!
This little guy or girl was wigging around and the heartbeat was 178 beats per minute. Super fast like a freight train. It was a beautiful sight for our eyes to see after 4 long years on this journey. I still can't believe we are finally pregnant! It's so surreal but we are over-joyed! God is AWESOME!


  1. OMG Starr, I'm so excited for you!!! I was just catching up on your blog and God is definitely AWESOME!

  2. Thanks so much Mindy and YES HE IS!!!! It's still so surreal!