July 11, 2012

35 is shaping up nicely!

After two hours of crying when I first woke up on my birthday I ended up having a great day with my hubby.

He had all these things planned and my dr veto'd most of it! He was so disappointed. However I ended up having a great day anyway. The first thing I was able to do was a prenatal massage. I was absolutely horrified but my husband spoke to my dr and he said it would be fine. I had a wonderful massage and when he picked me up he had a beautiful bouquet of deep purple orchids and purple lilies. He also bought me my first baby book called "The Baby Bump". It's kind of like a hipper take on "What to Expect When You're Expecting". We went to lunch, shopping and our very first baby boutique just to browse. To cap the evening off we went out to dinner that night. It was a nice day for just him and I. It wasn't Jamaica or Mexico but we were together and it was awesome.

Pregnancy Updates: I have 19 more days till my first sono and yes I'm counting down! I can't wait to see what's going on inside my tummy. What is making me pee 7-8 times a night! What is making my nipples so sore that I can't wear a regular bra most of the time. Oh and don't even get me started on the tinges in my tummy! Is it one baby or two! I'm SO excited!! This is going to be a super duper long 2.5 weeks!!!

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  1. skip the entire "what to expect" series of books - they're filled with every single thing that could possibly wrong with your pregnancy/baby/toddler - it'll give you anxiety that you just don't need - i got lazy and don't think i read an entire pregnancy book (except that Jenny McCarthy book - which wasn't as funny as everyone said!) - i just depended on the weekly emails from babycenter.com - and somehow i survived (and so have the kids, so far!)