July 16, 2012

Wife Gone WILD!!!!

Hubby is out of town so it's just me and my huge dog Roman! Operation "Wife gone Wild" is in full effect! I have a girls date almost every night of the week except for tonight (I'm resting)! hee hee
Since the hubs and I spend so much time together I don't go out a lot with my girls. To tell the truth most times I'm too tired and just want to snuggle up to my man.

However, I figured with this free time I'd take advantage of it and connect with my girls. So I have plans Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! I saved Sunday for Jesus and sleep! lol

On the baby front: Everything is going well. My symptoms are the same, sore boobies, lots of napping, and wanting lots of meat (protein). I still have my little tinges every now and again but I'm feeling fine.

Sono is still set for July 30th at 5pm and we can not wait!!!!

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