May 22, 2010

So many accomplishments, So little time!

I completed my first official 5K this morning! Woot! My time was 42.43 minutes, it was my first time running outside. There were a few inclines which I wasn't expecting but the overall experience was lovely. My hubby ran with me and I told him from the gate don't wait on me just run at your own time I'll be fine. Needless to say that sucker lapped me like I was on crutches or something! SMH! My family came out to support me, even the baby was rooting for his auntie! One of my besties made it as well with her two kids. Shout out to Monkay (our childhood nicknames for each other). I ran the entire thing and was able to push the little inclines without much struggle. When I made it around the last bend there was my husband (who'd already finished 20 minutes earlier! lol) waiting with my family. He ran the last piece with me -rooting me on and pushing me to sprint. He sent me through the finish line by myself as not to steal my thunder! lol It was wonderful and I'm so thankful to have the support especially from my husband who is my biggest fan no matter what I'm doing.

So I'll be racing to beat my time on the next race which will be the "Heroes Run" at Ranger Stadium on May 31st. Ms. Mel told me about this one and she is one of my running inspirations along with Sherry B.! Mel ran the race this morning too-obviously so fast in fact that she came after me ran the entire race, finished and left before I ever saw her! Ha! She's a beast! Only reason I knew she was there was because they called her name for a medal! She obviously kicked some a**! So I'll see you at the stadium Mel! Woot!

On to the next one!

(** on a side-note- the hubs placed 3rd in his age group for his first 5K and won a medal. Way to go sweetie! YOU WERE AWESOME!!)

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