May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 5K Complete!

This morning I completed my second 5K and it was a REAL 5K! Streets were closed and there were a lot of runners- REAL RUNNERS! I'd say at least about 2000 participants or so. It was the "American Heroes" run at the Ballpark in Arlington. Camera crews were there, about 5 branches of the military and we even had an Apache Fighter Helicopter fly-over and landing. It was great!

The course was much harder and the sun was out and gleaming. It was beautiful though. When I turned the first curve I saw a sea of people in front of me running and I thought wow this is really beautiful. I should have started doing this years ago! I felt wonderful and accomplished. I'm finally doing something I always wanted to do, something that use to intimidate me. I kept a pretty good pace through-out the race and I sprinted all the hills which really helped my time.

When I made it around the last bend I had one more hill to the finish line. I was getting mentally prepared to sprint in like 45 seconds and all of a sudden I see my husband coming back for me again. He ran beside me clapping and saying words of encouragement I'm sure but I had my iPod on and couldn't hear him. Once I saw the final hill I took off in a sprint. I could see the finish line before me and I saw the clock. I ran quickly but lost a bit of steam right before the finish line but I pushed it a little more. I finished in 38.56 minutes, my fastest official group run time (last one was 42.43)!!! I still have a looooooooooot of work to do but for my second run (and much more challenging of a course) I think I did pretty good.

On to the next one! Woot!


  1. hey Starr looking good chick!!! keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Sherry and Tanya. I'm trying ladies!

  3. You're amazing!!! Congrats!!! You are my inspiration!! (being completely sincere!!)

  4. Awwwwwwww thanks Karie! (((hugs)))