May 5, 2010

Quick Updates!

OK so I found my 5K run for this month! It will be my first since I missed the one on April 11th due to my surgery.

Leah's Legacy 5K run on May 22!!! Woot! I'm very excited-it will be my first official run and outdoor run. Yep I'm a treadmill chick so I hope the pavement isn't too rude of an awakening! Wish me luck guys!

My IVF consultation is on May 20th at 10am! I'm so nervous! I have a million questions and I know I'm going to be bombarded with so much information. I'm going to try not to get over-whelmed so I'm creating a list of questions so I don't forget anything. If you ladies think of any questions I should ask please let me know.

Hmmmm what else.....

The hubs has been super busy at work and a little more stressed than normal. Being the boss "sounds" good but sometimes it is just way too crazy to comprehend. He is a great boss! Very fair, considerate and ETHICAL! I'm very proud of him. We definitely need a vacation so he can relax but that won't happen till after the IVF. Sigh~

Oh my brother will be home in 12 days!!! OMG! I'm freaking! So much is getting ready to change within our family. I just hope this dynamic works out the way it does in my mind.

Relax, Relate, Release......Woo-sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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