May 6, 2010

Running Buddies- I need your assistance please!

I just finished another 5K on the treadmill. 3 days in a row now! Woot! My goal is to run no less than 5 times a week. I mean it's less than an hour out of my day so no biggie right!

I'm having a few problems:

1. I need a BETTER/STURDIER sports bra! I almost knocked myself out this evening! Ow!

2. My 5K is still ugly as hell-meaning I'm slow! On average it takes me b/t 42-45 minutes to do a 5K even I know that's sad!!! Gasp! Also I feel as though I'm struggling. I increase and decrease my speed a lot and maybe it's b/c I'm on a treadmill and I can't increase/decrease naturally. I just feel like I could be doing better.

3. My knees feel weird sometimes-kind of achy. Is that normal?

4. I need one of those thingees you put your iPhone in while you're running, so I can listen to music. What's it called?

Is there anything else I need for running outdoors? All suggestions/answers would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Well... sports bra I can help you with... I bought one 4 or 5 years ago from Victoria Secret and its still amazing. Before I quit to have Liyah I checked out some of their VSX sport line. Fabulous!

  2. PS...... Which ipod do you have I have the arm band for the nano.. i really don't need it anymore since mine was stolen 2weeks ago.

  3. Karie- it's the actual iPhone. I have a iPod too but I let the hubs use that one. So I prefer one for my iPhone.

    I'll check out VS b/c Lordddddddddddddddd! It was not pretty!

  4. Hey, your time is not that bad at all for a first time 5k'er. Don't beat yourself up over the time... after all, you are out there running when a few months ago you couldn't do it at all. You likely will be a bit slower outside b/c of the elements but that's ok... try to do a couple of runs outside before race day.

    Something I would recommend is doing intervals. Try to run 6 min then walk 1 then back to running for 6. Do that for a couple of days then bump it up to 7 and so on. Doing that may help you keep your running interval faster. Make sure to get in good recovery breaths on your walk break. Eventually you will be running a couple of miles before you even think about a water/walk break.

    running 5 days a week is good, but make sure you really do rest or only cross train the other two days. your body will appreciate a break!

  5. OK Sherry-- my thing is I feel like a failure walking any part of my 5K-I feel like I should be able to do it without walking which is what I do. When I was training myself that's what I did in the beginning--back in January-run 5 mins walk 2, etc... So are you saying now that walking will help my time?? I don't understand.

    Cross train? Ummmm what does that mean? Work-out my other body parts? Arms, etc... So should I only run 3 days and cross-train the other 2?

    I will definitely try to get in a couple of runs outside b/f May 22nd. I can't believe running outside I'll be even slower! Lord! Are you telling me it's going to take me like an hour to do that 5K! Gasp!

  6. Running on pavement was a hard transition for me... when I lived downtown I was a treadmill girl all the way, too. You get used to it, though, AND the spirit of competitiveness with other people around you will totally shock you. You'll bust your tail just to keep up/pass other people!

    I agree with your friend about the VSX bra. I also use some Under Armour tops that have shelf bras built in that I like. Look for stuff with criss/cross or racer back. That helps with support.

    Knees could be hurting just because you are running more and they are getting used to your new routine. It could also be your shoes. I have to buy new shoes every 6 months because I run about 20-30 miles every week now and girl, shoes just aren't made to withstand that kind of torture and last long. You really need to make sure you have a good runners' shoe if you want to stay serious about it. Go to Dicks, they are GREAT about helping out and telling you what shoe is best for you. I am a Nike girl all the way! They also have armbands for ipods there, you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Don't sweat your time. It takes a while to build up stride. I didn't even time myself the first few months I picked up running because I didn't want to pressure myself over time. It gets better, I promise! All good things come with practice. :)

  7. Awwwww thanks Mel! I have some Nike shocks and theya re running shoes. The funny things is I do not wear them. lol I wear some slip-on sketchers that criss-cross over the top of my feet! I guess that is not ideal huh? Never even thought about the shoe issue. I'm going running this morning and I'm going to put on the shocks and see how they feel. Dumb me! ha ha This is like learning a new language!

    Definitely going to check out the VS Bra and I did see those under armous ones on the Dick's website.

    I am very competitive so I know I want be bringing up the rear! lol I expect to be mid-pack on my first run (I'm hoping).

    20-30 miles per week Mel! You're a freaking rockstar! I was excited looking at my log b/c once I go today and (including my first day back on 4/29) I will hit the 21 miles mark! Gasp! I'm shocked to death! hee hee I want to be like you when I grow up! Damn!

    Thanks for all the great advice!