May 11, 2010

Fresh Fresh Like a Million Bucks!!

This morning was the start of my 2-a-days for this week. I plan on doing AM/PM work-outs Tuesday-Thursday. On Friday and Saturday an AM work-out only.

I told myself last week I would start this then last night I was feeling as though I wasn't ready. I said "if I wake up early on my own, I'll go". Whatta-ya-know at 4:45 I was wide awake. I tried to lie there a bit longer but my body was ready to kick it up so out of bed I went. I got dressed for the gym and hit it hardcore. I felt GREAT first of all and I ran the entire distance on one speed (4.8) and it took me 40 minutes (about 4-5 minutes less than normal)!!! That was my fastest time to date and I was so proud of myself. I felt like SWEEEEEEEEET!!! I can really do this-it IS all mental! My speed and my time are still VERY slow but each minute I shave off or speed I bump up is monumental in my mind.

My plan is to do another 5K this afternoon or evening (running 2.10 miles and walking the last one). That way I'll log 5.2 miles (running) each day that I do my 2-a-days.

The 22nd is fast approaching and I just feel blessed and renewed. Running is something I always wanted to do and I love the feeling of conquering something that use to intimidate me!

I'm feeling something like a Rock-Star right now!


  1. Tolliecia RobersonMay 11, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    Monkay I am so proud of you!!! That is amazing progress and like I always say "you can do anything you want to do, you just have to WANT to do it"
    Love ya, keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Awwwww thx Monk! It is definitely an eye-opener I'll tell you that. It is still "trying" at times but it's working. I'm coming into my own!

    I appreciate the support! See you on the 22nd! Yea!