August 13, 2016

So over this-

Rough morning-
Just leaving my doctor appointment for another sono and more bloodwork.
I'm really emotional today. Today is the first day for tears bc I'm starting to get nervous, stressed, anxious etc..... Not to mention I'm super sore. My stomach is bruised and riddled with injection marks. Let's not forget the lovely F'ing wand at my doctor's office which is just awful. I hate that thing. I really hate this entire process. It's just not fair-

The appointment went well I guess-
Follies are there and growing, fibroid may cause problems during retrieval but we will see.
It looks like a may need to reorder some meds which is totally bumming me out. I may need more Menopur and possibly more Follistim. The two most expensive freaking drugs and there's still $500 to pay for the anesthesia.

I'm just feeling blue today-
I'm so tired of these shots and feeling like crap. My appointments are in the morning so they are screwing up my workouts. I'm just ready for this to be over. Praying that it works the first time!

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