August 20, 2016

Another protocol revision-

Just left my doctor's appointment and today's news was just as unexpected as my last two appointments! Jesus my poor mind is all over the place-

So today my sono still showed all those beautiful mature follicles that I can't touch on the right side but today my left produced some new ones.

This means I may have more than one chance after all. My doctor was so exciting and wants to give those a few more days to grow! So instead of my retrieval being Monday he thinks we should move it to Wednesday. 

However that meant we needed to again buy more medicine!!!! At least another $800-$1000 worth! Tommy shaking his head in agreeance and I'm shaking mine in disbelief.

He also tells me he wants me to add clomid into the regimen for the next few days. 
I was literally so overwhelmed that I just sat staring at him without blinking-

Oh but THE KICKER was he told me he wanted me to just do my retrieval but not the transfer as to give me better chances. So not only move my retrieval date AGAIN, but also added meds and then tells me not to do my transfer! He wants me to wait until my next cycle or the cycle after and transfer with a FROZEN EMBRYO so my uterine lining can have a chance to re-prime due to all the hormones. I was just at a loss of words. REMEMBER MY LAST FROZEN TRANSFER DIDNT SURVIVE THE THAW.

He then follows it up with "if you were my sister id tell you the same thing". He's confident this will be the game changer- 
These changes will give me the best chance for baby #2 Bc at this point we aren't even going to attempt to get the follicles on the right side due to the risk.

So once again we agreed to proceed and follow his suggestions bc after all he is the award-winning Doctor! He's the doctor that mentored my doctor that worked under him when I went through this for Avery-Harper.

I'm just so freaking tired. I don't want to move my retrieval date AGAIN, I don't want to take more meds and have more shots, I don't want to delay my transfer. I just don't understand why it's so hard for some of us but others can just have a baby a the drop of a hat! It's so frustrating. 

The good news is that after my doctor walked back out, he came right back and said we have samples for you so you don't have to buy the expense meds. I only have to buy the clomid which will be less than $25-50 bucks 🙌🏾

He also told me they wouldn't be charging me for the FET. Not sure why he did all that but I'm grateful for sure. So I'm going to move forward and hopefully I can get pregnant and have this child before 40! 😩

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