August 17, 2016

Should I Cancel.......

I thought Monday's appointment was rough. Well that was because I hadn't made it to today's yet!
After doing my bloodwork, I had my sono and it was still the same problem. All the follies were on the right side with the fibroid which was no Bueno. I only had two on the left side and they weren't as mature as they need to be.

Dr. Le gave a little more insight today as to why trying for the follies on the fibroid side was such a risk.  Basically I have a vein that runs through there which he showed me on the screen. He said he could try to force the needle a bit but if he forced too much and it went though then I could bleed out. My health is first and foremost so neither of us are willing to take that risk.

He told me realistically he can probably get ONE follie from the left side and that would give me ONE chance or I could CANCEL MY PROTOCOL and get a partial refund for the IVF fee which would be $3500 (1/2 of $7000 we paid). So I sat there in tears trying to gather myself and make sense of the devastation I was feeling. Did I really do all this just to have to cancel my protocol????

My husband then took over the convo while I sat in a daze. By the time I returned to my senses the doctor was explaining how he had a woman that had only one follicle as well and now she's pregnant with it. So yes it is possible.

He suggested I keep stim-ing for 3 more days until Saturday then come back in for another sono and move my egg retrieval to Monday. That meant I needed to buy 2 more Menopur ( I actually needed three but they gave me one for today's dose) and 3 Ganirelix. Which after calling the pharmacy came up to another $550 (with a discount)!

After catching my breathe and wiping my tears, We decided to move forward. Buying more meds today and praying everything works out. No point of coming this far just to turn back now. I at least want to know, whether it works or not, that I gave it my all.

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