August 11, 2016

Looking Good-

Just leaving my appointment-
Had my blood drawn and a sonogram-
Things are going well. I had a lot of good sized follicles. On the right side however my fibroid is blocking a lot of my follicles so my doctor said it'll be a hard retrieval on that side. He's hoping my ovary will get heavy and push my fibroid down. We will see how it goes. I'm currently on Day5 of Stims and at my appointment my doctor told me to go home and take a full dose of ganierelix starting today and each morning for the next few days.
I go back in for another sono this Saturday and more bloodwork-

My egg retrieval should be next Thursday or Friday then bed rest.
The embryo transfer will be the following Tuesday or Wednesday morning. I'm so excited that everything is moving along in the right direction.

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