August 15, 2016

One or NONE?

I just returned from my doctor's appointment and today's news wasn't that great. My left side is still causing problems due to the fibroids that are covering my follicles. My left side is most active and has the most follies but my doctor said it will be really hard to get to them because they are under the fibroids. Fibroids apparently are hard and needles can't penetrate them. He basically told me it looks like I may have ONE good follicle that has matured in size on my right side. He's hoping he will be able to get in there and find more but he doesn't want me to have high expectations.

He told me he may get a few if he's lucky but mostly likely only one or quite possibly NONE. Hearing him say that was a punch to the gut for sure. Did I really just spend all this money and go through all of this for nothing? I'm trying to remain optimistic but that is not what I wanted to hear. I'm praying for a miracle. Praying that we get our second (or second and third) child.

I don't go back until Wednesday and I will be taking my trigger shot Wednesday evening then my retrieval should be Friday morning. Prayers Needed-

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