August 19, 2016

My 1st Miracle is a BIG helper

Yesterday morning I took these photos before 7am before we started our day. This is how my angel helps me out for my morning and evening shots. Avery-Harper has been so involved in this process even though I've tried to keep it from her. I finally gave in and every morning and at night she asks her daddy "is it time to fix mommy". She wants to help so her job is to hold the alcohol pads and hand them to her daddy after each shot. She always warns him "not to hurt mommy" and she tells me "that it'll be ok mommy, it won't hurt. Daddy is going to fix you". During my shots she watches her daddy very closely and she watches my reaction to make sure I'm ok so I try not to grimace. Then after my shots, with no prompting, she comes over and kisses my boo boo (my stomach) and gives me a hug. She's a major part of why I want this so bad. She desperately wants a sibling and constantly asks if the baby is in there yet. I hope and pray that after this protocol (after my first trimester) that I'll be able to tell her "yes the baby is in there sweetheart".   

                                             So tired but she wakes up on her own to do this                                

 She takes her job very seriously which is holding the alcohol pads

 Hubby getting my shots ready

                                           Follistim (blue), Ganirelix (middle) & Menopur

Shot #1

Shot #2 (shot #3 not pictured)

She gets as close as possible to make sure he's careful

                                                           Kiss to make me feel better

And she ends with a hug :)

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