August 22, 2016

Missing my mom💔

I just want to share a few words with those that still have their mom.

Always answer her calls because you'll never know when it'll be her last. I get that moms' ramble and talk even more when you're trying to get off the phone, but just deal with it. It's love.

Be appreciative to the woman who stayed up countless nights with you, cooked for you, clothed you, worried about you and prayed for you. Sometimes they can be overbearing, but it's love.

Never worry about what your mom is not, just bask in all that she is.....I use to wish my mom was more adventurous and wanted to travel more. I was always like "mom I WISH you would do this or that". Now I just wish she was here. We don't even have to talk. I could just sit with her and hold her hands.

I miss my mom and being a mom myself now makes me miss her even more. I wish she could see me "get it". It's like I finally get it but she's not here to see it.

I now know why you loved me so fiercely mom and I thank you.

Mother's Day is everyday so if your mom is still here let her know how much she means to you. Because there's no greater love than a mother's love. ❤️

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