August 22, 2012

I'm so NOT ready for Kindergarten...Sniffle.

Had a rough morning today! I think I cried almost non-stop from the time my feet hit the floor at 6am till around 2pm today.

Why, you ask.....Key's first day of kindergarten that's why. LOTS of tears this morning, mostly mine. I just can't believe he's in kindergarten. My mom and I use to talk about how we'd feel on this very day. We would not cry or tear up in front of him...we stand tall!!! We also planned how we would try to stay busy all day, maybe go to breaksfast after and shopping. You know to keep our mind off Key during the day. Then we'd pick him up from school and hit Chuck-E-Cheese or something to celebrate. Still can't believe she's not here for this.

However, like we planned years ago when Key was just an infant, I held it together till I left his classroom. Hope you're proud mom ♥


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