August 14, 2012

Sweet Freedom!!! (disclaimer: a bit of TMI)

This Saturday I will be 11 weeks!! I know I know not quite 3 months yet but it's still a milestone for me!!! Whyyyyyyyyyy you ask?

Well my fertility doctor told me once I hit 11 weeks I can stop taking that God-forsaken Crinone cream, baby aspirin, progesterone pills and my progesterone patches. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, you talk about gaining a sense of freedom back!!! I'm SO excited you guys!!!

  • The baby aspirin are not an issue at all but it's just another pill I have to take. It'll just be nice to get rid of that too.
  • The patches aren't so bad however you change them every 4 days and they tend to itch and sometimes irritate my skin.
  • The pills don't bother me much but you take one orally and one vaginally! The latter is what sucks on the pill side!
  • The Crinone is a vaginal cream and it is the REAL beating!!!! You use it every night and then every three days you're supposed to "clean" it out! Yeah go ahead and give that some thought (not a lot of thought though lol)! Also, when you "administer" the cream it immediately gives me like stomach tinges and minor cramps.

I'm just filled with so much progesterone!! You know it's a wonder I'm still sane and my husband hasn't packed up and took over the guest room! So when I say THANK GOD for my 11th week that is EXACTLY what I mean!!!!! I'm just thrilled!!!!! I will still take my prenatals, iron and blood pressure pills but I can pop those all in the morning and I'm done. No creams, no patches and nothing at night! Gosh I feel a dance-party coming on this Saturday!


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