August 11, 2012

Found the Dr. who will deliver our baby!

Now I have always had a male doctor who was a General Praticitioner so he did it all, check-ups, papsmears, etc.  He has been my doctor since I was maybe 12. One year I had a pap that came back abnormal and he sent me to a OB/GYN specialist across the street. It was another man and he was super sweet! Both doctors were in Arlington b/c that's where I grew up.

I decided that I didn't want a male doctor for my delivery and I was definitely not delivering in Arlington b/c we live in Dallas now. So I started researching Ob's and hospitals with a Level 3 Nicu in case any problems arose when I delivered. My bestie who I call my "wife" specializes in NICU/PICU and is a Respiratory Therapist for the Anesthesia dept. So she gave me lots of insight and questions to ask when I interviewed the potienial new OB. I called about 4 doctors that I had referrals for and one doctor that I actually saw on TV "A Baby's Story" who happened to be in Dallas.

After researching hospitals w/ Level 3 NICUs the very next day I was watching "A Baby's Story". Unbeknownst to me the sweet doctor with the kind eyes and GREAT personality was a local doctor at one of the hospitals I wanted to deliver at!!! Can you say written in the stars!!!! So I put her on my short list.

July 30th rolled around and I had my first sono and my fertility doctor told me that I had graduated so I knew I had to get on the ball with finding my new doctor.  I called 3 of the doctors on my list and was amazed at how those particular doctor's offices seemed a little put-off about having a consult. I didn't speak to the doctors themselves but their staff was basically like "ummmmmm that's not something we really do". So I was like then we have nothing further to discuss! I called a fourth doctor and they were nice but needed my insurance info which I didn't have yet b/c my husband had just changed jobs. They were like sure we'll do a consult but we need you insurance info first. So I was "ok once I have it I'll call back and set the consult". So last on my list was the doctor from the TV show. I called her office and the staff was wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllllll!!! I spoke to 2 different ladies and just adored them right away!!! They made me feel comfortable and as if my request was normal and not that I was some kind of diva! They set the consult with no problems and no concern about insurance info right away.

So I set a consult for Thursday and went to meet the doctor! OMG she was EVERYTHING I was hoping she'd be!!!!! Her personality was amazing!!! We spoke for 40 minutes and she answered every question I had! She did not rush me, she laughed at my jokes (b/c hey we all know I'm hilarious)!!! It just FELT right!! The vibe was perfect so I went right over to the receptionist and made my first prenatal appointment! I just had the feeling that she was MY doctor!!! I have my first prenatal appt. next Thursday at 2pm and we'll get to see the baby again!!! I'm very excited about that!!! After the appointment we have a hospital tour and I'm very excited about that too! Looks as though things are moving right along!

Extra Tidbit: I'm 10 weeks today and the baby is the size of a prune which is double the size it was last week just AMAZING!

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