August 17, 2012

First Prenatal Appointment! (Sono Pic)

Yesterday I had my first prenatal appointment with my new OB. The first thing we did was the sono and they had a big screen monitor mounted on the wall in front of us. I was holding my breathe b/c I was so nervous that the baby may not be there or no heartbeat. I guess I'm just a worry wart and probably b/c I'm a control freak and pregnancy is out of my control. It was another vaginal sono and I was so uncomfortable!! We saw the baby and he/she looked to be dancing. Little arms and legs were just going up and down quickly. The nurse said it was probably involuntary movements from brain development. I asked her was it b/c she was moving the wand that the baby appeared to be dancing? She said no it was not her and she stopped moving the wand completely however the baby was still dancing around. It was so cute! I swear if we put it to music the video would go viral! ha ha

She found two fibroids which will most likely grow with the baby so they will keep an eye on them. I also found out that I may not be able to have a vaginal delivery b/c of them. They are on either side of the baby so it's a chance the baby may not be able to come down the birth canal. I don't really know how I felt about that. I'm not one of those women that HAVE to deliver without meds or HAVE to have a vaginal birth. I just want the baby to get here and be healthy I don't care how he/she arrives. So whatever we have to do, we'll do. However I was shocked to hear that I may not have a choice in the matter....

After the sono I had a full exam and they took like 5 vials of blood for various tests. One was for "Verifi" which is a blood test that detects Down Syndrome at a 100%. The other was for the sickle cell trait (even though we don't have to worry about the baby having sickle cell b/c Tommy is Irish). We just wanted to know if I was a carrier b/c if so the baby could potentially be a carrier as well. We also tested for Cystic Fibrosis and Spinal Muscular Atrophy and some other stuff that I can't remember.

I'm also going to meet with a cardiologist next month b/c heart disease runs in my family and I've been on blood pressure pills since my mom passed. Which means I could be at risk for preclampsia. So I have a lot of results in my future. It takes a few days for most but 8-10 days for the Verifi test. Please keep us in your prayers that the baby is 100% healthy and I have no heart issues.

After the lengthy (about an hr and 15 mins) prenatal appointment we then went for a hospital tour at the hospital we'll deliver at next year. It was a bit overwhelming and scary I must say. We did get to pass the nursery so we saw some newborns which was nice! The delivery rooms were spacious and they also had suites for after delivery which were huge and quite plush. My hubby was all about that! ha ha

So yesterday went well. The baby appeared healthy, measuring corectly, heart beat was 157 bpm and seemed to be right on track. Which was a relief.

Second Sono at 10wks, 6days. We zoomed in on the photo and I promise I could see eyes, nose, mouth and the baby looks to be smiling. I showed my husband and he was like "no I don't see that". I said look closer, then he was like "oh wow I do see right there! I was like see I told ya!! Amazing!

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  1. Your little one is adorable! :~) - MINDY