August 31, 2012

Another Frugal Find!!

Is this piece the higher-end find???
Or is the one below? 
What's your guess? I'm finally finishing up my master bedroom! I had it about 70% complete then I stopped to decorate my nephew's room from the ground up-
Now I'm back into the swing of things and I'm feeling pretty good about it. This pregnancy keeps me tired so accomplishing anything now-a-days is a huge feat!

I bought a 5x8 rug for the end of our bed (partially underneath the bed). I bought two storage ottomans that are a rendition of zebra fabric except the colors are cream and gold-taupe w/ hammer nailed trim. I just purchased one of the mirrored console tables above for underneath my mounted tv. The glass is very clear but I'm going to antique it b/c I have two antiqued mirrored side table on either side  of the bed. My husband is going to antique it for me,b/c I can't due to the fumes.

Next I have to get some lamps, chandelier and a few more throw pillows for our bed. I'll dress the new console table with books, trinkets, etc..
One that's completed the master bedroom will be a done deal (well except for enclosing the side porch off the master...but that's a whole other story)!!! I must say it's shaping up quite nicely and I'm super excited!!!!

So which piece is pricier?  Both tables look exactly the same and have the exact same dimensions. I of course purchased the lower end one b/c I mix high and low end through-out my entire home and if I can find a bargain, I jump on it!!

Now comes the delicate part...telling the hubs! When I inform him of my latest purchase I always show pictures first! Then I tell him I bought the higher end  I eventually tell him the truth and then receive tons of praise for being light on his pockets! It's a win win!!! Happy wife and relieved husband!

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