August 28, 2012

Put yogurt where?!?! (Another TMI preggo story)

This Saturday I will officially be in my SECOND TRIMESTER!!! Out of the danger zone and hopefully feeling much better. My first trimester has been pretty good except for the last couple of weeks. It seems as if I've been getting every pregnancy symptom I could get. Nausea, headaches, grumpy, emotional, back pain, pregnancy insomia, over-sensitive sniffer, excessive saliva oh and the best so far....a yeast infection (yeah did you know those are common in pregnant women! I didn't)!!

I have just been going through it guys but I'm not complaining  (just sharing) b/c I'm taking every negative as a positive as long as it falls under the possible pregnancy symptoms. However, the "YI" threw me a freaking loop!! I had just finished all the extra meds I was taking from my fertility doctor and I was so excited that it was almost over. Then all of a sudden BAM.....I'm was like WTH I know that's not a yeast infection!!!!! So I called my doctor who was like oh yeah that's totally normal blah blah blah. I asked about medicine and SHE prefers to try to go the natural route..ala oatmeal and epsom salt baths, lots of water, eating yogurt, cheese and cotton undies. So I tried that for like a week in a half and I was totally miserable! I also learned that applying plain yogurt to the area can help soothe b/c of the live cultures. Ummm Hmmmm yeah exactly like it I did that daily for like 4-5 days and it did soothe. Didn't clear it up but did provide some relief but who wants to walk around all day with yogurt in their undies......not this girl!  So after a week in a half of thinking I was going to die of a yeast infection I called my dr back and persuaded her to call in the med. She said some side-effects were unknown and that's what they worried about mostly. So even though they called in the med I still didn't take it for 3-4 more days.

I did a little more research just for my own peace of mind. I spoke to many women who took yeast infection meds while they were pregnant and it was fine. I even asked my "wife" Jocelyn who consulted with the head OB/GYN at John Hopkins who had just had a baby. She recommended taking the med as well. So after suffering for two weeks I took the pill last last night. It came with two pills and you take one and wait for 3 days and if not better you can take the other one. So I'm just waiting for this med to take effect. I'm looking forward to relief and nolmacy again. I mean really, yogurt should on be in your smoothie and on top of fruit NOT your va jay jay!!

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