September 10, 2012

I'm a LEMON!!!

Oh my where has the time gone! So I'm 14 weeks right now and I'm a LEMON!

Every Saturday I email my husband and my "wife" Jocelyn my weekly bump update and it's always start with what fruit or vegetable I am! It cracks my hubby up! ha ha
I'll be 15 weeks this Saturday which makes me a "NAVEL ORANGE". They totally kill me with these sizes of the baby each week being some kind of food.

I have my second prenatal appointment this Thursday at 3pm but that's after I go to see a cardiologist for the first time at noon. Being that heart issues run in my family my dr is making me get my ticker checked out which isn't a bad thing. My hubby is adamant about that appointment and will be there of course just all up in my business! lol

So far the second trimester is treating me well. I've been feeling pretty good! I'm still not getting a lot of sleep but that will be rectified once I stop working in the next couple of weeks. I had planned on working till right before Thanksgiving but my immune system is so low due to the lack of sleep. After speaking with my dr, my husband was like you're just going to have to stop working early b/c you're not getting enough sleep for you, let alone the baby. I mean it's not like I'm bummed about it, never really cared for this job anyway but I like extra money! ha ha

Now that I will have more free time I'm looking forward to starting back on my work-outs! The weather is nice so I'll be heading back to the lake for my morning "wogs" (walking/jogging). Now that I have Roman I can take him and he will just love it!

On another note:
Our master is coming together really really nice! My husband LOVESSSSSSSSS it!!!! So far I've purchased a rug, console for under the tv, two ottomans and two lamps. I have a chandelier on order which I'm hoping will arrive this week or early next week. The last thing I want to do is some light airy drapery and then the master will be complete!!! .....Well complete kind of! We are going to get a little remodeling done in the master b/c we have a side porch off of our room. We are claiming some of that space to enclose to increase the master. It will serve as a baby niche for a while and then evidentally a reading nook w/ a chaise and some shelving. We will probably get that tackled in a couple of months.

We only have 12 more days till our anniversary party/pregnancy reveal with my family and I'm so excited about that. Everything is coming together nicely!! Life is wonderful, we are truly blessed!

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