June 22, 2010

What?! I know my faults and I'm OK with them!

1. I'm not a patient person! I want microwave results for everyyyyyyyyyything! Be it weight lose, becoming a mom, a millionaire, etc...

2. I'm a planner!!! I like to have everything laid out with bullet points, colored flags, post-its-- the whole nine! It's just how I roll.

3. I loathe waiting to do things at the last minute whether it's Dr. appts, planning an event, informing someone of plans, etc... It makes me physically sick b/c of the anxiety!

4. Don't tell me anything until your certain of the details b/c I will bug the sh*t out of you until I have reached sufficient information overload!

5. I put everything in my calendar along with 2-3 alerts b/c I hate missing something or being late! I think it is disrespectful and arrogant to be late and waste other people's time. I am very prompt- however my record has been permanently dinged b/c my husband is horrible with time management! I literally get so mad when he makes me late that I won't speak to him b/c I'm afraid what may leave my lips! UGH it seriously pisses me off beyond comprehension!

6. I get ANNOYED when something is dirty or has not been taken care of to my specifications-- Even if I'm the person that is suppose to do it. Then I get frustrated and have to complete the task immediately or the next person I see is going to get one or all of the following: stank eye, ignored, the dirty look or an ear full of drama!

7. I am totally aware that my husband can not and will not cook. Even though I have repeatedly told him how much I'd love to come home to a meal prepared by him. He cooked for me once on my birthday in 2008! That's it! He does bring home food when I don't want to cook but it is different than having a meal prepared and waiting for you. I'd even settle for take out plated and ready to devour upon my arrival. Why? Because I like to be pampered and waited on. I just do and I can't help it--I've tried to just accept that my husband is not a chef or a mind-reader but damn-it sometimes I just want what I freaking want!

8. I expect and love massages (and foot rubs) but HATE to give them!!! Yeah I said it! I hate giving massages but I LOVE to receive them. My husband only gives massages (or foot rubs) when he has pissed me off (eyebrow raised) then all of a sudden he is the Massage King of America. However if I simply ask for one he whines or just tells me "no" which I really HATE! I guess I will just write massages into our budget! Awwwwwww see I just solved one problem :-)

All these things I know are minute but I just had to get that out there b/c items 3 &4 had been breached today! lol I do understand that I can't have my way all the time, that I am a brat and that I can be selfish. However I accept responsibility for my short-comings and frankly I'M OK WITH THEM! (hair flipped and walking off)


  1. LMAO! You seriously crack me up! I too am pretty much the same way + or - a few here and there!

  2. and this, fellow Cancer, is why i love you so!!!